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  1. TilenB

    Walibi Belgium to Re-theme Loup Garou

    Come on, guys. Way to make fun of a new member that was seemingly just excited to talk about something regarding their home park... Welcome to the forums, @AchtbaanLyzi! We're not too bad for the most part and I hope you'll find some interesting topics to discuss on here!
  2. TilenB

    Coronavirus: Economic impact on theme parks in 2020.

    Pretty much this. UK is still a bit behind the continent, but here in Slovenia (and in most other countries in EU) all places where larger crowds could gather (that includes all restaurants, public transport and the airport), with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and post...
  3. TilenB

    Skyline Park remove Sky Dragster after 3 years

    This one;
  4. TilenB

    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    ...and the Facebook page is gone. I guess that's all, folks!
  5. TilenB

    Surveying Begins at SFMM...Possible Tidal Wave Removal?

    It's a bit odd really. Superman: Escape from Krypton is listed as a 2011 attraction, since it got refurbished (with the cars being turned around) in that year. The only other notable ride from the years listed next to 2021 is Apocalypse, which wasn't nearly as massive as Superman, but still a...
  6. TilenB

    Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+

    Bear in mind that May 1st is a public Holiday in Poland (and in a lot of other continental European countries), so the park might be busy then.
  7. TilenB

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Looking at the aerial imagery, it appears that Ita Park was relocated some 15km Northeastern from its former location. Since the new location is much smaller than the old one was, there probably wasn't space for the Looping Star in the move?
  8. TilenB

    Is it a cred? - A general discussion topic

    So how would you count something like Vliegende Hollander with this logic?
  9. TilenB

    The first UK RMC; where will it happen?

    I'm not sure what Flamingoland was spending money on with their new attraction, but it surely wasn't all for the coaster, as the Malaysian media has reported the ride being sold on for about 2.5m€ in 2018 and I'm pretty certain transport and construction costs can't be anywhere close to the...
  10. TilenB

    CF-Lives 2020 | All Dates Announced!

    Ooh, Finland seems very tempting! Might go for my first Live in a while there!
  11. TilenB

    CoasterForce's Favorite Coasters - 2019 Edition

    I think Voyage was still a wooden coaster the last time I checked?
  12. TilenB

    Which park has the most well-rounded overall ride selection in terms of quality?

    It has a well rounded ride selection, but it's a bit ****e park, with only the landscaping separating it from [insert a bigger Six Flags/Cedar Fair of choice], especially considering their stand-out dark ride (show?), Templo del Fuego, is Summer season only.
  13. TilenB

    Rank the SBF Visa Spinners

    I've only done one of these rides, the creatively named Skyline Park's Kids Spin (I guess Sky Spin was already taken by their big Maurer Spinner). It was the larger version, but still managed to be duller than your average Wacky Worm.
  14. TilenB

    ElloCoaster - 2019 Wood & Steel Results! {Page 3}

    Topic title is a bit confusing now, eh?
  15. TilenB

    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    "Vekoma yelled at us for leaking the Wildcat layout, so here's a computer simulation of layout that has been built before." Pretty much that, I guess.
  16. TilenB

    Is it a cred? - A general discussion topic

    Well, it's certainly not the same, but the car also drives differently if it's rainy, snowy, wind, cold, etc. The argument you're making almost makes me think that you would also count riding the coaster in a different seat as a new cred...
  17. TilenB

    Magic Land Bosnia & Herzegovina

    So, this little project has popped up on the interwebs about one month ago. There are plans for building one the largest amusement park in the Balkan region just outside of the town of Lukavac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is not much official info available online apart from the project's...
  18. TilenB

    Is it a cred? - A general discussion topic

    Damn, good thing you don't live in a country that requires drivers to switch between Winter and Summer tires. Then you'd be driving a different car every 6 months or so. How crazy would that be!
  19. TilenB

    Berlin Christmas market creds

    Teststrecke has been bought by the British showman Mellors and is in Saudi Arabia during this Winter season, so I doubt you'll be getting that. ;) As for the other creds, there was some discussion on the topic in the ECC Facebook group and it seems that these are the coasters that are certainly...