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    How many capital cities have you been to?

    UK - London Norway - Oslo Denmark - Copenhagen Sweden - Stockholm Finland - Helsinki Estonia - Tallinn Latvia - Riga Lithuania - Vilnius Poland - Warsaw Czech Republic - Prague Slovakia - Bratislava Hungary - Budapest Slovenia - Ljubljana Italy - Rome Vatican City - Vatican City Monaco - Monaco...
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    Särkänniemi | Hype | Premier Sky Rocket II

    Re: Särkänniemi removes log flume - new coaster? Just a small correction, the log flume is still in the park (barely visible in the bottom of the picture) the kiddie flat river ride is the one, which has been removed. Anyway, I did some googling on Finnish sites and it's been recently...
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    Airplane Seats

    ^Very true. Also maybe 95% of the time I've seen people with plenty of leg room or small legs recline, which makes it even worse than if you really had no space a ka long legs (like I do), but anyhow it's wrong. I also prefer the window seat, because the cabin personnel and people walking past...
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    PowerPark | Junker | Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster

    A POV of the ride released recently. I hope it can be seen abroad. Usually the website says if you can't, but it doesn't specify now.
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    How do you eat a kiwi fruit?

    I cut it in half and scoop it out with a spoon. I wish the kiwi 'skin' would be a bit harder, as it's so annoying when the spoon sometimes breakes the 'skin' and it gets messy and you lose some of the c-vitamin rich goodness.
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    Parks letting the public name their rides

    This. At Linnanmäki they had a naming competition for the Skyloop coaster and they stated the "top10" suggestions before announcing the winner and there were like four names which I preferred. I can understand that the winning name was "Ukko" as it is a 'god' of weather and harvest in the old...
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    PowerPark | Junker | Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster

    Really happy with this addition! I needed a proper reason to visit PowerPark again, haven't been there since 2006, mainly because it's such a struggle to get there. By the looks of it, it should easily compete for the title of best coaster in Finland.
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    Creds from your Year of Birth

    In 1989, 57 coasters opened (only 26 currently operating). Out of the ones still operating I'd say that Magnum XL-200, Goudurix, and Timber Wolf are the most noteworthy. I've only been to four: Slangen at Tivoli, Treetops rollercoaster at Oakwood, Eurosat at Europa Park and Revolution at...
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    Vekoma SLC vs Intamin suspended looping coaster

    I've been on the both Intamin Tornadoes and I have to agree that they are definitely smoother than Vekoma SLC's but more boring. I did Vampire at Walibi Belgium last year and it was pretty okay I think (a lot better than El Condor), if the layout was different, I think I'd prefer it to the...
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    Bacon: Grill/Oven or Fry?

    Frying it, a lot faster and easier. It's interesting as I've never heard of anyone (over here) preparing bacon in the oven. Sometimes I do think it can be a bit too greasy, but then I just put the bacon on a paper towel that dries up some of the 'excess' cooking oil/fat.
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    Liseberg 2015 Zierer Star Shape?

    Nice addition! I'm really quite impressed of the good variation of different ride types Liseberg has/keeps on getting. I also got to ride Bling, back in 2005 and liked it as it had a nice balance of 'inversions' as well as the 'scary' hanging/flip parts up in the air, yet it really wasn't...
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    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    2004: Daemonen & Tulireki 2005: Rita Qos & Kanonen 2006: Pegasus (Europa Park) & Thunderbird 2007: Kirnu & Furius Baco 2011: Ukko 2012: Shambhala (2013: Psyké Underground, stretching it a bit I know) 2014: Project Helix
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    Re: Top 10(ish): 2014 Edition Haven't done a top 10 in a while. It's a bit hard, e.g. as there is a six year gap between riding EGF and Shambhala so I can't really remember how good EGF really was. Project Helix is the only new one to the list for this year. 1. Expedition GeForce 2. Shambhala...
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    Best Ridiculous Shorts Wearer

    If it hadn't been for Jordan's 'first blue' shorts I would've had a hard time deciding whose "style" I prefer, but I actually quite like them and actually wouldn't mind wearing them myself.
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    Do you re-ride water coasters?

    Usually I wouldn't re-ride, however when I was in Spain in July some years back, I really loved re-riding the "shoot-the-chutes" rides and other less wet water rides, so basically if it's hot enough when I'll dry up quite quick I'll do it.