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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Went to see Slipknot in Budapest a few weeks ago. As expected a great show, but not quite as "wild and chaotic" as I expected it to be. I suppose things have changed since 2002. It was great to see one of my favorite bands live though and I would definitely like to see them again. I know they...
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    "Now Showing"

    Birds of Prey: Much better than I was expecting. They took the best part of an awful movie and made a spin off which turned me around into enjoying this side of the DC universe. This film had, for the most part focus on what the film should be and actually had some interesting character...
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    "Now Showing" I have made a top 10 films of 2019 list on my film blog if anyone wants to read it. I hope this is not too shameless! I just don't want to copy and paste it all onto here.
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    Rank the Star Wars Movies (so far).

    1: Return of the Jedi 2: Empire Strikes Back 3: Solo 4: The Force Awakens 5: Star Wars (New Hope) 6: Rise of the Skywalker 7: Revenge of the Sith 8: The Last Jedi 9: Rouge One 10: The Phantom Menace 12: Attack of the Clones If we were to count "Clone Wars" that would be the worst for me. It...
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    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    I'm still going with my new year's eve opening prediction.
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    "Now Showing"

    Ready or Not: Solid Horror/Comedy although the horror works better than the comedy. The film has a really fun not to serious but still bloody spooky vibe. While it might not be very orginal it is still entertaining throughout. Light 8/10 Joker: Wow. Loved this film. Not a huge fan of the...
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    "Now Showing"

    Watched "It: Chapter 2" I actually preferred it to the first a lot of people who I know disagree with. Enjoyable film overall but it does feel repetitive and it is too long at almost 3 hours. 7/10 Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    Hansa Park Announce 2 New Attractions for 2020

    They should of built a dark ride really as the park is in need of one, but still the bell was a pointless ride.
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    Favourite coaster drop?

    Probably the main drops of Karnan or Sheikra for me. A bit of airtime at the top and a lot of force and speed at the bottom!
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    "Now Showing"

    Went to see Crawl yesterday. If you haven't heard of it Crawl is a disaster/horror film where a father and daughter are caught in Hurricane while they are being hunted by alligators. For the type of movie that it is, it does almost everything effectively. The set up is straight forward, maybe a...
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    SFMM | West Coast Racers | Premier Quad Launch Möbius Sky Rocket

    I'm still betting on a New Year's Eve opening date.
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    Your Top 10 Movies.

    10: Psycho (1960) My favourite horror film. Really freaked my out when I was young and still continues to do so. Alfred Hitchcock is truly the master of supsense and this film is arguably the best evidence for that. I can't forgot to mention that iconic shower theme. This film was the first to...
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    Your Top 10 Albums

    Sorry for the double post. 1: Nevermind - Nirvana (Grunge/Alternative rock) Yeah, I know I seem like a basic B***h, but it's iconic for a reason. It helped get Punk rock into the mainstream, with bands like Green Day, The Offspring and Rancid getting major record labels during the grunge hype...
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    Your Top 10 Albums

    Except from the top 5 my list usually changes every year as I am trying to open myself up to more music, but here is mine for now
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    Your Least Common Opinions: General Edition

    A couple more... * I think getting any tattoo is a bad idea. * Never liked the Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. * I think the first Avengers film is mediocre at best. * I love coffee flavored chocolate, the first thing I pick out from a selection box Probably not a hot take, but * I...