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    Planet Coaster Tips, Tricks & General Chat

    I don't know if this is the place to do this, but I would recommend the channel "Coaster Cool Gaming" if you haven't seen it, he does some fantastic builds with a real eye for detail. I believe he deserves more subs as I have gained a bit of knowledge about scenery builds from watching his...
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    * Taron I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Chiapas is the best ride at Phantasialand, of all time! * Based on my rides this year and last year I prefer Infusion to The Big One. Maybe it's because I'm tall (my head is above the restraints) or I am so used to the ride that I...
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    Do you ever regret becoming a theme park enthusiast? Are there cons to this hobby?

    I think for me it's mostly the social challenges that come with being an enthusiast that are the most difficult. For instance none of my close friends are enthusiasts and only one of them actually enjoys roller coasters, so trying to convince them all to travel to poland just to ride roller...
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    Your UK top 10, 2021

    1: Icon 2: Stealth 3: Nemesis 4: The Smiler 5: Speed - No Limits 6: The Swarm 7: Nemesis Inferno 8: Kumali 9: Wicker Man 10:Megafobia Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    Where are your closest ridden coasters North, South, East & West of where you’re based?

    I live in Greater Manchester, I used to live In East Manchester, but now I live in the west. The closest coaster south of me is Antelope at Gulliver's Warrington. It's 11 miles away from where I live. As I child I used to go to Gulliver's alot, so I have plenty of memories riding the Antelope...
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    What do you consider a “good” ride count at a theme park?

    I'd say 8 for me, with most of them being major rides. Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    Europa is definitely a must Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk
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    Accident on Adventureland's Raging River

    Must be utterly heartbreaking for the families involved. The fatality was a 11 year old boy apparently ...
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    Can a coaster ever be too smooth?

    There is a few coasters that come to mind for me Expedition Everest is an example of a coaster which felt "too smooth" to me, it somewhat damped the illusion that I am on a wild runaway mine cart rocking down the mountain. I prefer Big Thunder Mountain as the janky arrow transitions sell that...
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    Planet Coaster Tips, Tricks & General Chat

    I also struggle with dark rides, recently I have built them on a much smaller scale which has helped alot as it's not too overwhelming and I find I am more creative with smaller spaces so the small dark rides I build are more detailed then me trying to build a huge boat ride. Sent from my...
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    Planet Coaster Tips, Tricks & General Chat

    I was just thinking the other day while struggling with the path tools that I am a bit rubbish at creating interesting path layouts and making parks feel more natural in their transitions. There are certain things in the game that I think I am decent at, but other things I am just naff at. Do...
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    Knott’s Berry Farm building a B&M in 2022?

    I'd say 2023 would be more likely if that is the case as we would be seeing some on-site activity by now. Unless they are removing an attraction the construction may take a considerable amount of time if the coaster has to be built around existing attractions in a all year round park. While I...
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    "Now Showing"

    A few more this week ... Fast & Furious 9: Well here we are 9 (10 really) films in and each one gets more insane than the last. I don't have to tell anyone that this series has jumped the shark. If you want to turn you're brain off and see how silly a film can get that you'll have a good time...
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    Which elements do you consider to be traditional?

    I think to me it's the amount of times an element is "copy & pasted" into a coaster's design. Vertical loops, corkscrews and airtime hills have a been a long-time staple, but I see plenty of manufactures opting for more modern elements such as the zero-G stall and the off-axis airtime hill, I...
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    Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021

    For a Mack that thing looks intense Sent from my SM-A217F using Tapatalk