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    CF Pokemon Go

    Minus legendaries and regionals, I've completed the Gen 1 dex. Caught 237 Seen 243 Unless something changes, I recognize I will NEVER have a legendary (either the rides are more important at a theme park & not enough players), or where I live, it's dead. I've gotten one shiny (magikarp that...
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    What is your favorite merch item to get at a Theme Park?

    Keychains - at least one keychain from a park is a MUST to add to my collection. Tshirts, hoodies, or tank tops just depends if I like the design, and if it's something I will actually wear. If I'm not going to wear it, I'm not going to buy it.
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    How extreme is too extreme?

    I'm watching a video on YouTube on McKamey Manor- I am no longer intrigued, and it's a huge HELL NO!!!!!!!!! Not for me (I'd have to be paid a lot to try something that awful... and people are on a wait list to try it??? Wow, Crazy!)
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    Your worst spite

    TTD by far is my worst spite! Good thing I didn't plan to go this month now with the brake fins getting mangled. I'm sure it's spiting lot of those going to the Haunts this month
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    How extreme is too extreme?

    McKamey Manor would be too extreme for me, but *IF* I entered the idea of doing it, I'd either need to be paid a LOT .... or be on a film crew, exempt from stuff, but filming some brave soul attempting it. Force feeding? Uhm, nope! This thread is the first I've heard of Thrope's "Face It Alone"...
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    What do you find most scary? / Phobias?

    I'm literally TERRIFIED of beetles and crickets. If there was ever some attraction that had real beetles (fake ones don't bother me), I can guarantee I'd be screaming, hyperventilating, terrified and running! This season I've been to Fright Fest at SFMM and Scarywood (Silverwood Theme Park in...
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    Coke V.S Pepsi

    I tried Coke (for the first time in several years) while on a trip last month. I did not like the flavor.
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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    I couldn't agree more!!! Manhattan Express LOOKS nice, but not smooth
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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    The "parking lot" ride - Scream at SFMM. Enjoyable nice ride, but the themeing needs a bit of work! ;) [Picture borrowed off Google image search]
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    Most dangerous behavior you've seen at a park?

    Thankfully I don't recall witnessing anything. I'm sure there are plenty of incidents out there where drugs/alcohol/stupidity\all the above were involved tho
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    Falling asleep on a roller coaster (it happened)

    I posted this in the CF Facebook group: Have you ever fallen asleep on a roller coaster? Never did I think this could happen. I was VERY tired and obviously relaxed on coasters. This pic is 100% legit! I was so tired I fell asleep on one of the most intense rides, X2. Yes I was fully sober (no...
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    Pics of your season pass(es)

    Here's my current (active) collection - renewed for 2018
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    Pics of your season pass(es)

    I'm going through a box of memories today, and I found this! One of my old season passes from SFMM. I estimate this is approximately 1990 or 1991. I also found my SFDK one from 2010 (it's about 870 miles from where I live, so it's a bit far, yet I used it quite a bit while visiting friends)...
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    TPR - 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

    Everyone I have interacted with on TPR has been pleasant. The main reason I haven't been as active in the TPR forums more is it's so "huge" (with hundreds of pages to wade through in a given thread between my log ins), but I haven't any issues. I'm the type of person who wants to get along with...
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    My Coaster-Count Debacle or: Am I the only one who thinks Coaster-Count sucks?

    I just joined coaster-count the other day. After figuring out how to use it, not too bad. The rare credits part is fun, AND I discovered there were a couple coasters I had completely forgotten about (that I rode years ago). I only started the spreadsheet about 3-4 years ago