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    Frankie Boyle, Comedy genius or Rude, ignorant idiot?

    Got the DVD, I love it. It's difficult to say whether it's too offensive or not because where can you draw the line with offensive material? But yeah, as far as I'm concerned Frankie Boyle is great.
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    How many pancakes did you eat?

    Like... 15, give or take.
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    Dubstep or Drum & Bass?

    140 or 170. Wobble or ney?
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    London Christmas trip 2009 reports

    Namco and Whetherspoons. Way too much Tuborg. My apologies to the traffic cones. Thanks for a great evening :).
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    Drag Me To Hell

    This film is great. I went to see it last thursday, it's actually ****ing scary. Which I must say I didn't expect. I did expect a pile of **** with an unrealistic story line and a comedy, just as the reviews had said. And to be honest. I did get both of those things, unrealistic, yes, comedy (at...
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    "I'm not allowed to get wet" excuse

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    Family day out, Knotts Berry VS. SFMM

    The mother has booked for Knotts already... Couldn't ****ing wait could she... Ahh well, I'm sure I'll go to the better of the two some day. Thanks for your help guys.
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    What Song Was At Number 1 (UK) when you were born?

    Feb 18th 1992. Wet Wet Wet - Goodnight Girl (I think, it could have been Shakespears Sister with Stay). Both are pretty b-ollocks, to be honest.
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    Family day out, Knotts Berry VS. SFMM

    Come onnnn surely more people have been to these parks? Seriously need some more feedback, I don't wanna' make a bad decision...
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    Just Been Dumped, On A Downer :(

    Well almost 5 years means you were together since like 13. So I mean it makes sense in a way. She obviously sees all her mates having fun with people and feels like she's missing out. I mean honestly most people would in a situation like that. I'm afraid you may just have to face up to the fact...
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    MP's Expenses

    I believe this all came from MP's being some of the most underpaid in Europe. We live in a very well off country, despite the recession. And weather we hate their views or not, the MP's and our Government has done this for us. Yes I do believe that this country has gone downhill since Labour and...
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    Family day out, Knotts Berry VS. SFMM

    'Ello folks, some of you may remember me from yonks ago. Basically, I'm going to LA with the family this summer, and we only have time to go to SFMM or Knotts Berry. I personally feel that Knotts Berry would be the better choice considering I have an 11 year old sister and we're looking for more...
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    Fox Studios World, my second RCT2 park

    Corporation Takeover the World uh... World. Apart from choosing a company that are part of one of the worst corporate asshole machines in the world it's actually looking pretty decent. Though a lot of it looks naked at the same time :-P. My advice is to use foliage like the little shubs...
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    Whats better? Being bald or to have to much hair?

    If I went bald I'd use some of that MEGA strong glue, and glue a wig to my head.
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    Do you sleep naked??

    Depending on the heat, I sleep how I want, usually just fall asleap in clothes, or boxers. Have slept nudie style before, but it wasn't in my house.....