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    ImagineerTim's Piraten in Batavia {RCT3}

    I know this is a late reply but this is a beautiful piece. All the attention to detail and the fact that you went so all-in with the scale of the cities, truly an inspiring design!
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    Collab Park Idea

    No, lol. Actually. Feel free to take over the project. Pretty sure no one has even thought about this park in years :-P
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    GCI terrain coaster

    These pictures are fantastic and I really like the angles you chose. I always like the water wheels even though they are usually ones that would serve no physical or practical purpose in real life. In terms of critiques, my main issue is that the walls of the restaurant without windows are...
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    GCI terrain coaster

    @Dapalm: I'm all for the overcast shot. It looks eerie and gives a nice gritty feel to a game that can sometimes look too clean. Also, I was not ripping at the cou-de-sac concept. I like it and I think it makes sense. It reminds me of some of the Disney parks which have roads running through the...
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    GCI terrain coaster

    It's looking really great! Great job making this CT your own. I am a big fan of the tunnel through the station. Is the dark gray path supposed to be like a road coming through with a sidewalk on the side (sort of a cou-de-sac)? The shot from across the water looks fantastic and I'm looking...
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    portemine's creations - Rapace, B&M Launch Invert - 17/11/14

    Re: portemine's creations - Pionpi (Zamperla Flying) - 23/05 Always good to see someone playing around with the Asian scenery sets. I really appreciate the way you textured the paths and the overall atmosphere of the foliage. The coaster's new color scheme is intriguing...can't decide what I...
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    Scw55's Thread. Planet Coaster Calls (18-11-17)

    Re: Scw55's Thread. Bits & Pieces (16/05/14) I would have to agree with CoasterCrazy that the cliff geometries seems a bit over-the-top. I think you can make them work but keep looking into ways to make the texturing more natural. Seems a bit spotty to me as opposed to gentle transitions. I...
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    Sorry I have been so gone and out of it guys. Just been starting my internship and have another big project going on. That said, I am fairly disappointed that more people couldn't enter but I suppose we can still go through with what we have. I will be accepting ratings via PM and form my own...
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    First off, great entry scw55! I will leave further comments until judging... I know I haven't been on in a while but I wanted to check up on everyone and see how their entries are coming along. I know Nick is done with his but I'd like to get somewhat of a head count for who all is planning on...
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    Hmm...that is quite a predicament. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    Are you getting any particular error?
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    Imagineer Fox's Creations

    Everything looks great from what I can tell. The theming is nice and it seems to mesh together well. The pathways are a bit...square, but that is not a big issue. A couple pieces of advice from what you have shown us: 1. You might want to give the Inside Track building a new roof (or rather add...
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    *Fixed* Thanks scw55! As terraforming is allowed, changing the initial height of the coaster is essentially the same thing so yes, you may place the coaster at a different height. [Update - Due date has been set to July 1st]
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    Theme It! - An RCT3 Competition

    Thanks for the correction. Can you please link to the download page so I can fix the first post?
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    The Great Resurrection

    Very happy to hear about the backup file. The redos are looking great and I am especially looking forward to the Intamin...or maybe the woodie (it could be an Intamin woodie from the looks of it). Anyway, both are exciting and I am so glad that you have bounced back so virulently. I am...