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    Most Anticipated Coaster of 2014?

    Goliath at SFGAm because I'm a homer. But seriously, that does look awesome. Lines will be long at the park next year. The other would probably be Banshee at Kings Island. That looks good, and I may take a ride down there to ride it.
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    What is this coaster like ?

    Since I'm in the Chicago area, I sometimes hear older people talking about Riverview. I did a lot of research on it, and even did a few school projects on it. I've always wondered what The Bobs there. It's one that really sticks in my mind because I will never have a chance to ride it. I do...
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    Do you count kiddie coasters in your coaster count?

    I count them, but I usually don't ride them anymore.
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    Freakiest Ride Ever? - Coffin Ride Melbourne

    Wasn't that on the Simpsons? I think Bart gets stuck in one in a showroom and you can see him clawing at the lid.
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    Most New Creds in a Year

    The most new credits in one year is 24 from this year. I had 21 last year, and 16 in 2009. 2009 was my first trip to Orlando, but Space Mountain was closed that year, and I didn't get a chance to go to Tampa for Busch Gardens. I finished those up this year when I went back. Last year I had 2 new...
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    Incident on Rip Ride Rockit

    Put on your tin foil hats for this one. To go along with the press taking anything related to coaster or amusement park incidents, US Senator Ed Markey from MA wants more federal oversight on amusement parks. Besides the Texas Giant deal, there isn't much of anything else going on. If they grab...
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    Seen But Never Been??

    Only one I haven't been to but seen is Magic Springs in Hot Spring, AR. My brother lived in Arkansas several years ago and we were out there visiting him. I didn't know this park was there and wanted to go, but my family didn't want to. I was probably 14 at the time. Since then, I just don't...
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    Rank the BandM wing coasters

    I've ridden the 3 in the US. 1 and 2: X-Flight and Gatekeeper 3. Wild Eagle. I have a hard time trying to determine if Gatekeeper is better than X-flight. X-Flight is at my home park and I get to ride it frequently, and I've only ridden Gatekeeper twice. X-Flight definitely used the wing...
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    Wild Waves and Silverwood - July 2013

    I was out in Seattle on business, and decided a Pacific northwest coaster trip would be a good idea. I was able to squeeze in Wild Waves (Federal Way, WA, 20 min south of Seattle) during the week after my work obligations. I wasn't able to take any pictures there due to a lack of time. That...
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    Why did hard rock park fail?

    I was excited to see this park. I too thought they had a good theme that hasn't been done as a whole park before. Not to mention, they had the name recognition of Hard Rock which operates restaurants all over the US. People across the country know the name, and you'd think would be a little...
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    Rameses Revenge stuck at CWoA; Angry FB posts to follow

    The restraints can't be taken apart by way of a few bolts or anything? I was stuck on Skyhawk at Cedar Point a few years ago and when they couldn't release the lap bar for me, they called maintenance and a mechanic unscrewed 2 1/4-20 bolts and slid the lap bar off of the nub that was connected...
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    Previous Record Holders

    You're correct that most launched coasters are weak comparatively on launch. They typically pull around 1g on launch. It's on turns, and hills that the g's are much higher in the 3-4g range. If they keep the acceleration rate around 1g, they could keep going relatively fast. But there's a limit...
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    Mp3/Phone Music On Rides?

    I don't typically listen to music while riding, and the thought never really popped into my head to do so. It's cool on rides that were designed with it, like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, but I don't think it's necessary for a good ride. I also typically listen to music only when I'm bored, and...
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    Worst theme parks

    I tend to agree with the OP that Animal Kingdom is incredibly overrated. It's only saving grace for me is Expedition Everest. Not exactly a coaster for a top 10, but it's my favorite at WDW. I was also was never very interested in animals, so the fact that DAK is really just a giant zoo doesn't...
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    Scariest Roller Coaster You've Ridden

    Windstorm at Old Town in Kissimmee. We stopped at Fun Spot and Old Town just to get a few extra credits. It seemed weird approaching the ride since it was packed in the very back of the park. We were there at night, and there were no lights on this at all. Getting closer, we could see several...