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    Most outlandish rumor you've heard?

    Efteling was interested in doing just this back in the days. A fresh one from today: Bellewaerde building an Alpine coaster. The park has zero terrain change.
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    You could have at least add a source (translation of ... s%20Londen?) Winter Wonderland deserves a coaster like OL. But it will be expensive, maybe 9 or 10 pounds (it's around 7 euro's in Germany)
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    Best coaster replacements ?

    Because it didn't replace it: River Quest stands where the Gebirgsbahn was.
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    Fun With Statistics 2016

    I think you overlooked Kuwait? with 18 coasters for less than 3.5 million people, it should be in some of these statistics.
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    Attractiepark Slagharen | Goldrush | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Atractiepark Slagharen to Build a New Coaster in 2017 Because Ispeed was build before PR took over ;).
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    What is your point? I like Olympia Looping more than any B&M I've ridden.
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    Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched

    People, don't watch the POV before you ride! I got the chance to go to the opening yesterday. Taron is amazing. It's the best coaster in Germany, probably top 3 Europe, maybe even number one. Got about 8 rides and it just keeps on getting better every go. Airtime and direction switches are...
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    Making Trip Reports

    See, this is the style in which every PTR should be written. Don't mind what anyone else might think: it's your opinion. Don't just say 'I love this ride, it's the freaking best ever!!' because everyone likes it and you feel obligated. Same goes for rides that erveryone else seem to hate. And...
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    Making Trip Reports

    I've written many (English is obviously not my native language so you probably haven't seen many from me tough), and one of the many traps I think people fall in are describing what your friends think and/or did. It's not important and has no value for someone who reads a TR. It's something...
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    Vienna weekender - May 2016

    I visited Vienna last year. Managed to grab the first public ride ever on the new Skyfly in Familypark on the first day of the season. I thought the park was a perfect family park: really a nice place, one of the best parks in Europe. You could have took the bus from Eisenstadt to the stop...
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    Walibi Belgium | Pulsar | Mack Power Splash

    It was me and I'm not on drugs :D. Off course I meant the launch itself. It's amazing. My friends and I were lucky enough to get the first public ride. We're on the video in the frontseat. Pulsar is trully an awesome ride: extremely wet, big fun, loved it!
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    The "worst" Premier Manufacturer?

    I don't think you can blame a manufacturer for cloning many rides: it's what the park wants, if it sells it sells. I think Vekoma can do great. I'm not a fan of Sky Scream, but it's for now my only Premier, so can't say for sure. Maurer can be really bad or really good. It's gerstlaurer for...
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    How many death creds do you have?

    Surprised no one hasn't been on/knows off the fatal Hearth Attack a woman suffered on Walibi Belgium's Vampire. The coaster wasn't the cause, her are some articles from Belgian newspapers; ... dood-vrouw (The...
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    Your top 5/10 Schwarzkopfs (yes!)

    1) Olympia Looping 2) Psyké Underground 3) Any Looping Star (did 2, Bobbejaanland and Slagharen) 4) Lisebergbanan 5) Jetline 6) Alpina Bahn 7) Nessie Superrollercoaster 8) Raptor Attack 9) Jet 10) Enigma
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    Social Media Morons

    I work at the counter of the Mcdonalds and do my best to keep friendly at all times, but sometimes it is extremely annoying to handle with all the stupid people you see in one day... I understand al reactions described.