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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    coasteraddict10 is making a point about masks that is easier to prove visually. The mask demonstrations start at the 7:30 mark: Keep in mind that smoke particles are larger than virus particles, so if the overwhelming majority of masks are not effective containing smoke particles...
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    Re-ridability of Good but intense coasters

    The ones that come to my mind immediately are Skyrush, Intimidator 305, Voyage, and any B&M flyer with a pretzel loop. Come to think of it, Skyrush, I305 and Voyage are some of the most divisive coasters amongst enthusiasts.
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    Rank the RMCs

    Just finished up a California trip. Here are my rankings: Steel Vengeance. It's just as good as everyone says it is. Lightning Rod. The ride towards the end is almost too much. This is one of the few rides that ends just when you feel it should. Twisted Timbers. I was very impressed with...
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    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom | Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster | Skywarp

    I just came back from a California trip last week and had the chance to ride this. It took a couple of attempts as it broke down on several occasions before we could ride. They were only loading one side which doubled the wait. In short, the ride really sucks. It starts ride from the loading...
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    My updated top 10 is: Fury 325 Boulder Dash Steel Vengeance. It's as good as advertised. Voyage Mako Millennium Force Goliath at SFOG Behemoth Diamondback Leviathan
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    Cedar Point 2020/2021

    What Cedar Point could really use right now is something that people can ride/experience when the weather is inclement; i.e., a dark ride. It's something that non-coaster rides can do, families can ride together, and would be able to run whether the weather is good or not. If they're looking...
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    Knott's Berry Farm | HangTime | Gerstlauer Infinity

    At Knotts I think this will be OK. The general public will like it well enough, but for enthusiasts I think this pretty much a non-event. Having said that, when is Cedar Fair going to figure out that this park is crying out for a B&M hyper? A big, tall, high capacity ride with airtime would be...
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    Top 10(ish): 2021 Edition - page 102

    My personal top 10 is: Fury 325 Boulder Dash Voyage Mako Millennium Force Goliath at SFOG Behemoth Diamondback Leviathan Lightning Rod
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    Rank the RMCs

    I've rank the RMCs I've ridden as follows: Lightning Rod Wicked Cyclone New Texas Giant Storm Chaser Outlaw Run Iron Rattler Goliath Lightning Rod is definitely the best of the RMC bunch, but the rest of them all kind of blend together as far as the experiences. They're all really fun coasters.