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    What Could've Been - RMC Mega Zeph

    We all know after Katrina hit New Orleans, Six Flags New Orleans closed indefinitely. Rumors have been going around from time to time about the possible restoration of the park or it being bought by another company, but that seems to be far fetched. After recently seeing some pictures of the...
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    Kings Dominion | Twisted Timbers | RMC I-Box (Hurler Conversion)

    Anyone have an update on progress of this project?
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    Cedar Point | Steel Vengeance | RMC I-Box (Mean Streak Conversion)

    First post in quite awhile, but Jantzen Simko (@jantzen73) posted a great crop of the photo above on Instagram.
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    Cedar Point | "GateKeeper" | B&M Wingrider

    Looks like they've began testing!
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    how many times in a row?

    afterburn at carowinds 28 times. it becomes very painful.
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    SFGAdv still saying KingdaKa's tallest and fastest?

    So i dont know if this has been brought up before or not, but after just getting back from a trip to SFGAdv I found it annoying when in line for KingdaKa and kept on hearing them announce that it is still the tallest and fastest in the world. Does this bother anyone else as much as it does me??
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    Which do you like better? Cedar Fair or Six Flags?

    I'd definitely have to say CedarFair simply because they have the better rides. Six Flags disappoints me time and time again and it shows in CedarFair parks that they are getting the better side of the business because of lines. Don't get me wrong, I love not having to wait for a ride, but I'd...
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    The Intimidator. B&M Hyper 2010 - Carowinds

    Re: "record breaking, history making" Yeah i dont believe they have built one over 250ft yet, but theyre really promoting this 'record breaking, history making' idea so i dont see why they would say all this and then just make it the tallest coaster in the park.
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    The Intimidator. B&M Hyper 2010 - Carowinds

    "record breaking, history making" Okay so im just gona make a guess based on some of the details but if anyone has seen the invites for the announcement they highlight the '26' in the date and also the idea of 'record breaking, history making' shows that it has some type of record with it. My...
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    What Is The Most Forceful Ride You Have Ever Been On?

    I have to fully agree with you on Tatsu, that loop wast intense. I enjoy the ride, but dread the bottom of the loop
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    What is your favourite type of track?

    I'd deffinitly have to say B&M and Intamin. They just look so perfect
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    Best coaster at night?

    Okay I can see how all these coasters would be fun at night, but which do you perfer: riding through pitch dark with some lights, like Apollo's Charriot, or riding through different parts with different lighting, like California Screamin'?
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    Most Aesthetically Pleasing Coaster

    I'd have to go with one's that have already been mentioned but Apollo's Charriot, Hulk, Wicked Twister, and Maverick all look amazing to me.
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    Favourite Energy Drink?

    I can't stand some of them (like RedBull) but NOS is one of the best.