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    Are theme parks Capitalist or Socialist?

    Interesting topic. I was thinking about this myself recently when I jokingly said to my housemate that I can't commit to being anti-capitalist because of being a rollercoaster enthusiast... but there is some truth to it. I can't imagine any other system that could produce the coasters we have...
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    Never been a big cocktail person. I used to drink White Russians now and then, probably when I'd watched The Big Lebowski. Long Island Ice Teas are pretty reliable if the plan is to get messy. I remember (barely) making blue cocktails with triple sec at uni which were nice (I think).
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    Coasters that were built too early?

    When I watched the POV of Hagrid's Magical Creatures my first thought was of Expedition Everest. That pause at the broken track section was ambitious but now it can be done so seamlessly, it seems a shame they didn't wait for technology to catch up with their ambitions.
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    Velocicoaster? That doesn't sound very scary. More like a hundred-odd foot turkey.
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    Your Favourite Artists/Bands

    I've been through a few favourite bands/artists over the years. There's some I'll rarely listen to now who were my favourite at one point. Iron Maiden The King Blues The Libertines Bob Marley and the Wailers Leonard Cohen That's probably it, actually. Of course, I like a lot more music but I...
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    It is not all about rollercoasters...

    I'm something of an either-or person myself. Either theme it properly or don't bother at all. I also prefer darker themes so even Disney doesn't hold much appeal for me. That's why I will always love Nemesis though. The 'themed area' that it's in has that half-heartedness that I don't like now...
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    Favourite kind of sausage?

    The best I've had are called Lashford sausages. I've never seen them outside of Birmingham/West Midlands though.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - 16/09/20

    Hello everyone. I'll use this to introduce myself a little then move swiftly on to the trip report. I've been into coasters and theme parks since I was very young but didn't really pursue the interest for most of my twenties for lack of like-minded company or, more accurately, the courage to...