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Looks like I'm back here with nothing to do again for 10 days... Tested positive for Rona... Cue random nonsense posts!!!
Crunching the CF Top 10 for 2020 Numbers - definitely some interesting finds to share with folks!
Realised earlier - is it weird not having the joys of a Christmas meet to organise this year, or are you glad of a year off :p
I'd guess the last year without one was '05!?
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Ha, definitely glad to have a year off! Crazy we've been doing them so long now.
What manufacturers have i still to ride.... S&S, Premier Rides and Rocky Mountain Construction!!
How do you pronounce 'Rookburgh' anyway? Rook-ber? Rook-berg? Rook-bruh? Rook-burra? ?‍♂️
I’m not sure but going by our collective thoughts on Candymonium I guess we’ll have to discount all variations where individual syllables aren’t “real words” ???
About to hit Energylandia and Zadra again today with Cara, @Liam williams and @Katieb

Think I’m a little bit obsessed with this place, might need an intervention!!!
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Nicky Borrill
Nicky Borrill
I think I’d rather be there than Alton Towers, Efteling, Liseberg and even Europa Park!!!

I can’t put my finger on why either... Obviously the Giant RMC and Intamin help, but it’s more than that... The prices mean we can afford to indulge, then there’s Western Camp, camp fires and beers at night are the perfect accompaniment to a theme park trip!
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I get that, I get the Alton comparison, I get the cheap beers, I get the camp fire, I definitely get "Hypadra" but...
Efteling, Liseberg and Europa? Noooo!!
I'd go back to Europa tomorrow, am already looking to persuade the Mrs to go, 3 or 4 nights onsite in one of the hotels, spa, waterpark, the lot. Loved it.
Nicky Borrill
Nicky Borrill
Oh I love it too, out of those parks I listed, Europa was the hardest to type... With Europa I think the thing that would draw me to Poland over it is purely the hardware.
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