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Your Favourite Ever CF Lives


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There's not much more than I can really add to all the awesome stuff that everyone's mentioned so far, but as the person who had the idea of getting a bunch of like-minded folk off the internet and together for real in 2003, it's been a huge part of my life. It's brought people together, been responsible for relationships, families, a few fights, and lot of Travelodge's repair budget.

From the very first live 17 years ago, through meeting the US/Canadian folks in 2007, Germany & Denmark in 2009, Italy in 2011, Finland in 2013, Sweden in 2014, the London meetups, all those Alton Towers and Ghosterforce meetups, and everything in between, there's been some amazing memories.

It's great to see they are still going strong with a great team behind them, and once we're all allowed to meet up I can't wait to be back at one.
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This is so hard so I'll join in in reminiscing over some good times.

I joined the forum way back in 2011 but didn't come to anything in real life because of stranger danger for a number of years! My first "live" was, I believe, one of the Christmas meals (2015?). Everyone is always so shocked when I say that now because it seemed risky but to me it seemed quite the opposite as I had told myself I could always bail and get the train home! Turns out I didn't need to and here we are now!

My first actual live, live was the Thorpe and Paultons weekend in 2016.
With highlights such as "cf visit a **** nightclub"
and guess the caption games on the disc'o
This was the beginning of a thing!

My next proper live was my first live abroad, Plosterix! This trip had a middling line up but was a fab trip full of wacky things.
There was really no going back after this trip. I now had the bug!

Next was Ghosterforce 2017 which was an amazing trip with so many great memories!
One of my favourite cf memories ever was everyone absolutely bricking it when getting onto Karnan. I had been quietly freaking out about it all week once I had realised that it was "THAT ONE" and slowly as the week went on everyone else started admitting that they too were a little bit terrified. The park owners were super nice to us, gave us merch and took us up the exit and I thought oh dang, I really can't back out now, that's when the panic set it and the atmosphere at the bag drop, batching and loading was electric with fear and anticipation. That was really quite a ride, it's not everyday that a train of goons freaks out over a new coaster!
Other highlights of that trip include my Taron and launch coaster awakening, the dolphin at Hansa and Movie park at Halloween!

Next up was Ghosterforce 2018! I had to leave early on this one due to uni commitments but this was still a fab trip! Highlights included the crocodile on the boat ride at Hellendoorn (and the ride in general), the rave "maze" and toverland being very foggy.

Then it was the Fantasy Island live. Odyssey was gross at the back and we did the thing below. (Huss Magic)

Then it was Walibi Holland and Bobbejaanland.
(Mushroom's fab photo)

An the PA live.
(Photo by MouseAT)

and then we had a nice Christmas event as well (there are probably other Christmas photos but I don't seem to have them)

Hard to pick a favourite but perhaps Ghosterforce 2017 as there was so much good stuff that was all new to me on that trip! All I know is I miss the lives and hopefully we can do them again soon!