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Your Boomerang/SLC Count.


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Eww. When I started this topic a couple of years ago I only had 3 of each. Quite proud of that I was, but oh how times have changed. Just goes to show what a ho you lot have turned me into.
The full, shameful list then: (*Can't remember the names of all of them). Most recent first.

Wipeout, Pleasurewood Hills.
The one at Six Flags St Louis
The one at Worlds of Fun
Speed of Sound, Walibi Holland
Cobra, Walibi Belgium
Bat, Canada's Wonderland.
The one at Knott's Berry Farm.
The one at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes.
Total: 8. Eww.

T3, Kentucky Kingdom.
The one at Movie Park, Germany.
The one at Walibi Belgium.
Flight Deck, Canada's Wonderland.
Infusion, BPB.
El Condor, Walibi Holland.
Total: 6

Custom SLC's: 2
Kumali and Odyssey.

Invertigo: 1
The one at Kings Island.

SFC's: 4
The one at Kings Island.
The one at Movie Park, Germany.
The one at Grona Lund.
The one at Paulton's.

Junior Boomers: 3
Raik, Phantasialand.
Velociraptor, Paulton's.
Ben 10, Drayton Manor.
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Does Traumatizer at Southport and Infusion class as 2 creds?
Clutching at straws I know!
Otherwise it's only 3 for me. Odyssey, Kumali and Infusion.
Off to Walibi and Energylandia this summer, so will have 5/6 by September.


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Rode a few extra last year, so here's my updated count:

Boomerangs: 24
SLCs: 24
GIBs: 4
Family Boomerangs: 5
SFCs: 11


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Boomerangs 2
Wipeout & Pleasure Island

Family Boomerangs 1

Infushion & Odysey

Will no doubt endure more this year.


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I'll update mine to make @Howie feel slightly less dirty again.

1. Boomerang - Wiener Prater (yay lap bars)
2. Speed of Sound - Walibi Holland
3. Boomerang - E-World
4. Boomerang - Pleasure Island
5. Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
6. Stress Express - Fantawild Xiamen
7. Stress Express - Fantawild Jinan
8. Stress Express - Fantawild Wuhu
9. Stress Express - Fantawild Zhengzhou
10. Boomerang - Bellewaerde
11. Wipeout - Pleasurewood Hills
12. Cobra - Walibi Belgium (paid fastrack for this one)

1. Orkanen - Farup Sommerland (best ride in the topic)
2. Galaxy Express - Fantawild Zhengzhou
3. Galaxy Express - Fantawild Xiamen
4. Flight of the Pterosaur - Paultons Park
5. Family Coaster - Children's Grand Park
6. Kvasten - Grona Lund
7. Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer - Movie Park Germany
8. Kiddy Hawk - Carowinds
9. Escape From Madagascar - Dreamworld (that awful one)

1. Giant Inverted Boomerang - Jin Jiang Action park

1. Triops - Bagatelle

1. Raik - Phantasialand (bit of cheating going on here)
2. Velociraptor - Paultons Park
3. Family Coaster - Happy Valley Chongqing
4. The Rollercoaster formerly known as Ben 10 - Drayton Manor (queue = eww)

1. Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach (not sure why, but have been back for more)
2. Snow Mountain Flying Dragon - Happy Valley Shenzhen
3. Golden Wings In Snowfield - Happy Valley Beijing
4. Riddler Revenge - Six Flags New England
5. Nio - Greenland
6. Mind Eraser - Six Flags America
7. Vampire - Walibi Belgium
8. Kumali - Flamingo Land
9. MP-Xpress - Movie Park Germany
10. Limit - Heide Park
11. Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy - Warner Bros. Movie World
12. Odyssey - Fantasy Island
13. Dragon In Clouds - Happy Valley Chengdu
14. Condor - Walibi Holland (was my very first, not sure how accurate this is now)

Got a small selection of other SLC manufacturers:
1. Soaring Dragon and Dancing Phoenix (Beijing Shibaolai) - Wanda Nanchang (alright)
2. Flare Meteor (Golden Horse) - Fantawild Shenyang
3. Twister (Beijing Jiuhua) - Quancheng Euro Park (awful)


Never posted in this topic before, suppose it's time...

Cobra (West Midlands Safari Park - showing my age!)
Flashback (Great Escape)
Flashback (SFNE)
Cobra (Walibi Belgium)
Wipeout (PWH)

Baby Boomers
Ben 10
Boomerang (Energylandia)

Goliath (SFNE)

Mind Eraser (SFNE)
Vampire (Walibi Belgium)

Flight of the Pterosaur
Freedom Flyer
Dragon (Energylandia)

Sort of an SFC
Dream Catcher (Bobbyjobbyland)

So basically 10 different boomerangs and 10 different suspended coasters. How symmetrical! Should be riding the GIB at Silverwood later this year so I'll need to find an SLC to even things up again 🤢

I'd quite like to try an Invertigo. At least once!