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Window Of The World | Unknown | S&S Launched Coaster


Wonder how this will compare to the new S&S coasters being built in the States... (even more to Maxx force)


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The trains have arrived on site. There are indeed the ones seen in some shots from IAAPA time. No surprises there though.

Some short gif animations on the following page give some hints to the layout as well with a Zero-G-Roll and a Top Hat shown

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IAAPA posted the layout of the coaster on their website a few months ago


S&S Worldwide Inc. | Changsha Window of the World
Changsha, Hunan, China

The exhilarating velocity of a compressed-air-launch roller coaster from S&S Worldwide Inc. is astonishingly fast. The company’s not-yet-named coaster at Changsha Window of the World in Hunan, China, is currently under construction. The ride’s anticipated launch will make any wait worthwhile. “The rate of speed going from zero to top speed is incredible. Then add this second-generation [launch] and now our third-generation trains, with their built-in suspension and open vehicles, and the ride experience is phenomenal,” says Jason Mons, chief operating officer of S&S Worldwide.

The ride will get the most out of its 830 meters of track because no track is used on a lift hill to propel trains to their top speed. The compressed-air-launch will blast the vehicles to 100 kph, and riders will then experience 10 elements, including a 40-meter top hat, a negative-G speed hill, three overbanked turns, two zero-G rolls, and a reversing dive loop.

“This air-launch coaster is the most compact that S&S Worldwide Inc. has done to date,” says Preston Perkes, executive director of administration at S&S Worldwide. “Fitting in the 10 different elements in such a small space was a challenge but creates a fast, action-packed experience from launch through the final brake run. Adding in the high-speed zero-G rolls makes this a must-ride experience.”

Zhen He, who works with the park’s international suppliers, believes there is significance to the new ride for Changsha Window of the World.

“This brand-new, air-launched roller coaster means a lot to our amusement park, even for the whole mid‑south region of China. We want to bring in this new technology and let the people enjoy it. It will be the milestone and landmark building in the capital city

Looks like there'll be 3 inversions and a few airtime moments as well. This ride is definitely more compact than their other layouts.
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