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What is your favourite B&M Wing Coaster?


1. Fenix
2. Swarm

Fenix is miles better by a long shot. Has moremore inten, airtime that I atleast felt a lot of, much prettier and I liked the theme more so yeah out of the two it's my favourite.


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Thunderbird tops my list. It's the only B&M wingrider I've been on that I felt was genuinely aggressive. I loved that ride.


Only been on two.
Gatekeeper and Thunderbird.
Tough choice, I feel like Thunderbird is a better actual ride, like more consistent and better actual layout, but (in the back) I enjoyed Gatekeeper more. I found it had more pull/force than Thunderbird. Though front was crap, and I had some rides where it REALLY peters out over the 2nd half. In the end gotta go with just better experience, so edge to Gatekeeper, though again I grant Thunderbird may be a better coaster. Both fun, neither blew me away.
Will get on Wild Eagle this year, see how it compares. I usually hear it ranked near the bottom, but then some have it as their fav.


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1. Parrot Coaster - The smart and graceful one
2. Flying Wing Coaster - The weird and intense one
3. Flug der Dämonen - The efficient and bouncy one
4. Wild Eagle - The inefficient and pretty one
5. Swarm - The inoffensive and Thorpe one