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What is your favourite B&M Wing Coaster?

Edward M

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  1. GateKeeper- Quite liked this which I wasn’t expecting. Nice and swoopy which seems ideal for a B&M Wing
  2. Thunderbird- I didn’t have great rides on this, but I really appreciate how unique and interesting the ride is.
  3. Wild Eagle- I had a night ride during the fireworks that was better than any of the other B&M wing rides I’d done. Other rides were meh though. In general, it’s perfectly average.
  4. Swarm- Don’t hate this but it falls short compared to the rest. Best foot choppers but that’s some weak praise.

  1. X2
  2. Skyrush
  3. S&S Free Spins
  4. GateKeeper
  5. Thunderbird
  6. Baco
  7. Wild Eagle
  8. Swarm


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Guess I'll give this a proper list.

1) Thunderbird: Great setting, incredible launch, and just so much Yes. Stellar ride.
2) X-Flight: Absolutely love this ride. Incredible pacing, great near misses, and is both floaty and air-y, as well as intense.
3) GateKeeper: I liked this one a lot more than I expected to. I love the setting and the colors; wonderful right up on Lake Erie. It's just that the second half was so boring. I liked the first half, but after that dive loop, the ride just slows down and does absolutely nothing.
4) Wild Eagle: blegh. Some say it has a good setting, but I don't think looking at the back side of Mystery Mine, and then some trees you can barely see over with next to no terrain interaction qualify as a "good setting". On top of that, the ride has a boring layout. The drop and station are nice, I guess.

5. X-Flight
6 - X-Flight


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Since other people are adding other wings to the list

1. Skyrush
2. X2

3. Gatekeeper
4. Wild Eagle
5. Flug der Daemonen

Skyrush is fantastic and puts all of B&M's wings to shame.


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1. Gatekeeper - Great ride. Love the inversions, the airtime hill, and keyholes. The finale isn't as interesting but it's a nice long ride and it flows very nicely.
2. Thunderbird - Really should've gotten a second ride on this (busy with Voyage), but it was very nice. Launches and inversions were great. Can't remember much about those overbanks though.
3. Swarm - My first wing rider so it was pretty special for me at the time. I quite enjoyed it, there's some decent forces and good inversions and near misses. Think it's a little short though.
4. Wild Eagle - The setting is great but ride isn't the most exciting, despite having a solid layout on paper. I think it would've benefited from some near misses? Also please fix that restraint lock.


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1. Parrot Coaster - The smart and graceful one
2. Flying Wing Coaster - The weird and intense one
3. Flug der Dämonen - The efficient and bouncy one
4. Swarm - The inoffensive and Thorpe one


The three I've done are all pretty close, I'll go with:
1) Flug der Dämonen
2) Raptor
3) Swarm

And for all winged coasters:
1) Flying Aces (not *really* winged but if you guys are counting Skyrush I'm counting this!)
2) X2
3) Flug der Dämonen
4) Raptor
5) Swarm
6) Furius Baco
7) Insane
=8) Inferno (Terra Mitica)
=8) Kirnu (because no list is complete without a Linnanmaki coaster in bottom spot!)
1. Thunderbird. By some margin over the rest.
2. Gatekeeper.
3. Swarm.
4. Wild Eagle.
5. Flug der Dämonen. By some margin over the last one.
6. X-Flight.


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1. Thunderburd
2. GateKeeper.
3. Raptor.
4. Swarm.
5. X-Flight.


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It's forceless, boring, thrown in the middle of a field, the only interaction with theming is a ridiculous looking tower... It is by far the enjoyable wing coaster I've done. Need I go on?


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It's forceless, boring, thrown in the middle of a field, the only interaction with theming is a ridiculous looking tower... It is by far the enjoyable wing coaster I've done. Need I go on?
This guy. Wing Coasters generally are build to be swoopy and not forceful, which is fine, but they are boring. X-Flight just doesn't do anything good, compared to the others it's the worst, but apart from Thunderbird and (imo) Gatekeeper, they are all a bit flat.


1. Fenix - The speed and snappiness is fabulous, the integration into the landscape is outstanding. B&M has learned and managed to create a great experience with very simple elements, by just executing them better than they have been done in the past on wing coasters. My only complaint is that the final turn is not refined enough for me. It needs more airtime or more overbanking to make a flawless layout. The near misses below the bridges are cool. They take advantage of existing structures without going out of the way, minimalistic but clever. Once the theming is complete, it will just add up to the experience.

2. The Swarm - probably one of the most well-refined coasters ever designed. It has the best wingover-drop and 5 awesome elements, but I will never be able to get over how stupid the final turnaround is. That's the part where Fenix steals the show, because Swarm's other 5 elements are great but not great enough to overshadow Fenixes 5 elements + its final turnaround.

2. Raptor - I like how this coaster was designed on a clean slate. The lack of "this is a xxx coaster, so it needs yyy" makes for a very refreshing layout and my favourite selection of near misses. It is only super barely behind swarm, but in general the Top 3 are very closely together for me. Tie for 2nd place as it deserves a tiny bonus for being the first one.

4. Flug der Dämonen - oh boy... it potentially has the best layout of all 4 wing-coasters on this list, but it manages to deliver the least. The rattle really ruins the B&M-feel that is absolutely necessary to enjoy winged seating (how did that even happen?) and every element is just a little too slow and weak to be fully enjoyable. The first 3 elements are pretty much identical to Fenix, yet Fenix manages to deliver so much more on every single one of them. The near misses are not thought out enough as they are weaker than Fenixes bridges in terms of space constriction, yet mostly exist for their entire point of being near misses, which is not acceptable compared to how well Raptor and Swarm do intentional near misses, and how sneaky/well integrated Fenixes bridges are. Krake pulling larger crowds than this speaks for itself, just a waste of potential.


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Uh.... Not a fan. But if I had to pick.. Uh.... Uh....

GateKeeper Cedar Point
X-Flight Six Flags Great America
Swarm Thorpe Park (*backward seat only*)
(large gap)
Wild Eagle Dollywood

Not B&M
Furius Baco PortAventura Park - Probably one of the bottom coasters, of my +975