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What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?


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When riding Katun at Mirabilandia for the first time in the back row i had 3 unexpected airtime moments:

- The first drop had long, sustained floater airtime (i didn't watch any review before riding Katun and from the pov it didn't look like it gave any airtime so i wasn't expecting anything there).

-The small dip out of the turn before the cobra roll had a really unexpected pop of floater airtime that started sideways and ended straight.

-The drop out of the mid course brake run had a snappy pop of strong floater airtime because i didn't get trimmed.



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For me, this is really difficult because with experience, you just know where to expect it - from looking at the layout before, or simply as you come into an element. It's very rare to get an airtime shock. I guess that's why this topic is important :)

Steel Force (Dorney) Third Airtime Hill - This is a double dip hill headed into the turnaround helix; there is a specific, loooooong sustained floater airtime hill here. I'm trying to recall exactly where I was sitting in the train, as that was most likely a culprit, but it was quite pronounced!

Oh yes. I was expecting "Big One Bland", but it was so much fun. It's not the greatest coaster or the greatest airtime, but it was just really lovely. Rode it loads of times, just because it was so "pleasant" :)

There's a steel coaster that's bugging me. You get ejector if you're sat at the back coming off the MCBR. Can't for the life of me remember what ride though. It must be one I've ridden a few times for it to stick though.

The best I can remember though was Boulder Dash, and it's why it rates so highly for me. You can see the airtime hills at the end, and they give an expected amount of airtime. There's one section though on the mountain. The coaster suddenly turns and drops at the same time, the flojector is awesome, but it's so utterly unexpected. You can't see it coming or plan for it. The coaster is moving at such a lick as well, it's hard to anticipate where you are to be ready for it. So it was an almost constant surprise.

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I know this might seem like a strange one given that there are no elements on the ride whatsoever that would even look like they create airtime, but I’m actually going to nominate The Swarm at Thorpe Park for this. Airtime is far from the ride’s strongest feature, but I’ve got to say, that final roll over the station really flings me out of my seat every time; it almost feels like an odd kind of “inverted airtime” sensation, and it’s amazing!

You also get some really nice out-of-your-seat action on the first drop and the zero-g roll, but I’d personally say that feels like hangtime as opposed to out-and-out airtime.


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For me it was on Oziris in Parc Asterix.

That little moment after the vertical loop when the track goes straight for a bit before entering the immelmann was totally unexpected airtime for me. For a brief moment i thought I was falling.

Yukon Striker has the same moment after the loop.


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First time i rode great American scream machine at SFOG, back row in 2019. Even after starting the ride off getting jack hammered to death, it’s that drop after the second turnaround that gives some incredible and very unexpected quality airtime. Wasnt surprised to recently see eltororyan claim during a Q&A that that exact airtime moment was his single favorite airtime element he’s ever experienced. It honestly makes the spinal realignment from the rest of the ride worth it.
Also, opening weekend for Orion. First ride ever, front hill and you hit that speed hill...you can’t find that type of flojector airtime on any other ride. First time I hit that, I found myself kicking my legs rapidly like speedy Gonzalez. From then on, I refer it as the Speedy Gonzalez hill.
The true standing airtime you got off the drop on Shockwave SFOT after the loops and a not so snug lap bar.
Lastly the ‘expected but unexpectedly incredible’...the finale on magnum in the magic seat (seriously, bring the thigh pain....I don’t care...so worth it) and the first drop and immediately into the camelback on el Toro back row. Every enthusiast must experience those two rides before they die.
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I knew Shambhala had airtime. It's a B&M hyper, after all, how couldn't it?
Did I know the hill after the ampersand had ejector? No, of course not! And I loved it because of that.
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