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Vacuum Cleaners - upright or cylinder?

which do you prefer?

  • Upright

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Cylinder

    Votes: 3 60.0%

  • Total voters


Mike said:
You cannot beat a Henry!

I hate Henry with every fibre of my being. That smug face leering at me as he's crashed into yet another corner, fills me such indiscriminate indignant rage that I have to take the time to remind myself it's just a hoover.

Like most facets of my life, I'll just use whatever I can get my hands on.


New Member
I love my Dyson, it's a cylinder. They are a lot easier to use than an upright especially on the stairs.
Can't not to agree with you, even if this topic is old! I had Dyson model several years ago too and it worked really well, I was sad when I needed to change it to a newer one...:oops: However I can't say which certain type of models are better, in my opinion both cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners are nice in their ways, I think it mostly depends on a certain brand and individual taste :)
Personally I at the current time prefer canister models like on these examples from Cozzy, I have such Shark cleaner and it's not worse than my old Dyson :)

But I can't say that I like cleaning my house very much even with all that cool stuff...:p