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Unsolved Coaster Mysteries

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by roomraider, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. roomraider

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    Nemesis/Sky Skrapper
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    Not confirmed but it seems possible one of the 2 boomerangs mentioned earlier in this thread (Knotts and Pleasure Islands old ones) could end up in Indonesia at Trans Studio Bali
    Transmart/Trans Studio have been buying up lots of old Vekomas (along with 48 new junior coasters) and the artwork shows a boomerang at this new park.
    As I said not confirmed but not a bad bet.
    Bali1.jpg Bali2.jpg Bali3.jpg
  2. Cranedude

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    Not that much of an unsolved mystery but a question
    When Superman: Krypton Coaster was announced, it was meant to have a 96 foot tall Dive Loop. I wonder what happened, and if there was any pics of the layout from the announcement with the dive loop.

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