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Transmart Parks | Indonesia | Multiple Indoor Parks

Discussion in 'Park Construction' started by roomraider, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Feel its finally time these parks get their own thread. Theres an absolute crap ton of news coming for these parks as they continue to expand and a stupid rate.

    Transmart have a partnership with Carrefour a huge French owned retailer in Indonesia and have been building a succession of small shopping malls and larger developments across Indonesia. They started with Trans Studio in Makassar in 2009 which opened with a Zierer Force 2 but quickly ramped up to the large Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park in Bandung which is home to Yamaha Racing Coaster a custom premier launched coaster from 2011.

    Things remained quiet untill the first of the smaller Transmart developments started to open in 2014/15. This marks an interesting acquisition for the company as they purchased the old Vekoma Junior Coaster from Chariots Entertainment City in South Africa. This 247m indoor coaster was custom built for the South African park but it seems Transmart liked it so much they bought another 48 of the things from Vekoma. (I would loved to have seen the face of the Vekoma exec who was in that meeting)

    Example of a 247m model Vekoma coaster at Transmart Jember. All of this model so far have a corner that bursts out of the building into the open.

    Since then Transmart have been building these 247m Vekoma Junior coasters at quite a rate with 21 already in operation and have been supplementing them with a load of other coasters picked up second hand. Including the following

    Vekoma Junior from Kumdori Land in South Korea
    Vekoma Junior from Wonderland in Dubai
    SBF Visa Coaster from Kuzminki Park in Russia
    Zierer Force One from Eifelpark in Germany
    Vekoma Junior from Chiba Zoo in Japan
    Boomerangs from both Knotts Berry Farm and Pleasure Island
    Batflyers from Japan and Belgium

    As of today the company has 33 coasters at 31 parks with loads more in the pipeline. These mostly come under the Trans Studio Mini or Kid City brands of parks which are for the most part identical really.

    Im not going to list all the parks here but the RCDB has everything we know about so far and i keep a spreadsheet of known rides and ones im following under construction and proposed alike here.

    Now to the present.
    Trans Studio Action Park
    Trans Studio Action Park in Cibubur (Jakarta) is the biggest Trans Studio park in years and will feature 3 relocated coasters.
    The park is already building the old Boomerang from Pleasure Island in the UK and will also be building a Batflyer from Japan (either Nasu Highlands or Hamanako Pal Pals although rumour has it Transmart bought both). I cant reveal the 3rd coaster yet but shall hopefully be able to soon.
    The old Pleasure Island Boomerang going in on a rooftop in Cibubur.

    A video from last month showing construction on the huge Trans Studio Action Park in Cibubur.

    Trans Studio Bali
    Another large new park is heading to Bali and will feature 2 other relocated coasters. Here we have Vleermuis the old twin track Batflyer from Plopsaland in Belgium and the old Boomerang from Knotts Berry Farm which will be getting new trains from Vekoma.

    A shot showing Vleermuis going in at Trans Studio Bali
    Trans Studio Mini Tasikmalaya
    The next new trans Studio Mini park will feature another of the new 247m Vekomas but currently doesnt have track on site. The footers for the corner out of the building can be spotted here though

    Now i have somewhere i can put the updates for these parks I'll keep you updated as an when :)
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