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The best B&M Hyper coaster.


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Nitro and Intimidator bad hypers? BLASPHEMY! ;) Nitro especially serves as an example that a B&M hyper can have a strong finish. That airtime run from the MCBR to the final brakes is pretty solid.
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Nitro and Intimidator bad hypers? BLASPHEMY! ;) Nitro especially serves as an example that a B&M hyper can have a strong finish. That airtime run from the MCBR to the final brakes is pretty solid.
Yeah Nitro's pretty good, but intimidator is f in trash. Only 1 untrimed airtime hill. Garbage.


My issue is that there’s just so much lost potential with Intimidator (and other “bad” hypers). If you’re getting this massive coaster don’t trim it to death.


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I've gotten fast rides on Intimidator that have been almost trimless and it's honestly pretty good when it runs like that.


When I rode Intimidator (in the back), I didn't notice any trims, but the only airtime I got was coming off the drops of the airtime hills. It was decently fun, but it's still my least favorite (legitimate) hyper coaster


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Intimidator's trims do ususally kick in, but I don't notice much of a loss of air. They still get some seriously sustained float. It may not be Intamin-caliber air, but it's still pretty solid.

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Ahhh, yes. B&M Hypers.

1. Fury 325- Definitely the best of the B&M Hypers because it does everything a B&M Hyper doesn't. No gradual hills with decent floater here. You are ripping through these low banking turns followed by ejector filled hills. It is often a bit overhyped, but it is possibly the best B&M out there.
2. Shambhala- Ampersand is amazinggggg. The extra height and theming puts it towards the top of the B&M Hyper list. The hills provide great floater and is just generally a great coaster.
3. Goliath, SFOG- I would say this is the best "classic" B&M Hyper, for me at least. Both Fury and Shambhala are taller and have extra elements than the usual Hyper, but Goliath is right at 200 ft and has all the traditional elements. What this coaster does best is the mixture of floater and ejector. B&M Hypers' ejector is usually quite weak, but I loveee the ejector on these bunny hills. Plus, that insane helix. Overall, I'd say this is in the top 25 in America.
4. Nitro- This used to be higher, but my recent rides have been mostly duds. Still, it has the classic floater and some good bunny hills. However, there's a notable rattle and its forces are just weaker than before.
5. Mako- This is a quality B&M Hyper and likely the best coaster in Orlando (if they fixed that :emoji_zipper_mouth: Yeti then Everest would beat it). It does everything right but also doesn't really excel anywhere. Very good, just good though.
6. Diamondback- Eh. Haven't ridden this since 2012, but I doubt it has gotten better recently. It had a bad rattle then in the back, and it had decent airtime but nothing amazing. I think the layout itself is good, but I just remember it being, well, unmemorable.
7. Intimidator- Boooo. No airtime for me, no forces, no nothing. Had good speed, but I'll take a ride on Fury any day.
Well some rerides on 3 and 4 have changed things.

  1. Fury - refer above
  2. Shambhala - refer above
  3. Mako - Few corrections. My morning rides were okay, but those afternoon rides were brilliant. Plus, I have an appreciation for the theming, location, and great turnaround. It's also just silky smooth.
  4. Goliath, SFOG - This is still a great coaster and still the best of the models from the 2000s. However, it was catching the trim post-helix harder this summer which turned the ejector to flojector. Still though, that helix is to die for.
  5. Nitro - Those dud rides were once an exception, but they're now the rule. Haven't gotten a great ride on this since 2012, and, while that particular ride was great, I can't put it any higher in its current state. The seats are all torn up, and the rattling is not getting better.
  6. Diamondback - refer above
  7. Intimidator - Rode this in the back right before park closing after it had been down most of my (short) visit. No airtime, at all.


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Only Diamondback and Goliath SFoG for me (unless we want to count Titan and Goliath as well :wink: ). Both are favorite hypers with great forces and solid layouts.
Lol, I haven’t listed in here for 5 years. In that time:

1. Fury 325 - this thing is fantastic, and my favorite of all Gina’s ridden thus far. Awesome placement, good flow, and the flojector on the turn back is to die for.
2. Goliath (SFOG) - I’d like to get back to reride, but still recall it being a solid layout and ride.
3. Diamondback - it’s hit and miss these days with really good and really rattle-y rides. Still think the opening drop is one of the best in the Midwest.
4. Intimidator - better than I expected, but expectations were low to start.
If we’re including the gigas, these are the ones I’ve ridden, ranked.

1. Fury
2. Behemoth
3. Mako
4. Leviathan
5. Diamondback
6. Nitro
7. Intimidator
8. Apollo’s
9. Raging Bull

Hard to rank Nitro. On its best day, it’d be fourth or fifth; on its worst day it’s easily last.

But I enjoy all these coasters quite a lot.


Weird, I've always had Shambhala down as a dude. Dragon Khan too. But Baco is definitely a bird.

Wait... am I really assigning gender to coasters?? o_O
Apologies for the delayed reply- was off getting married and stuff.

But- Shammy is totes a babe. DK I would deffo agree is a dude. Baco is a hissy little bitch/bastard..


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Does Fury 325 count? If so, that's the best B&M Hyper for me. If not, Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia is the best for me, however I will be riding Mako at SeaWorld Orlando over Christmas Break. which could change it up.

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Sorry to bump the thread, but I'd be interested to know some of your updated thoughts on this topic, as quite a few of the posts in here are from quite some time ago. My thoughts are exactly the same as they were when I last posted in this topic (the only one I've ridden is Mako and it's absolutely outstanding!), but I've decided to rank all of them based on how good they look in POVs. So here's my personal thoughts (having only ridden Mako) on how good I think they all look:
Ridden in bold.
  1. Behemoth
  2. Nitro
  3. Apollo's Chariot
  4. Shambhala
  5. Goliath (La Ronde)
  6. Diamondback
  7. Goliath (SFOG)
  8. Hollywood Dream
  9. Mako
  10. Intimidator
  11. Silver Star
  12. Raging Bull
I don't know how true this is (if Mako taught me anything, it's that POVs only tell half the story with rides like this!), but this is how good I'd say they look from POVs. I'm not personally going to include the gigas in there, but if I did, I'm not too sure where they'd rank. Would those of you who've ridden some of these B&M hypers agree with this ranking?