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Star City in Manila Burns Down.


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In some fairly shocking news for me (I was there just last week) it seems Star City in Manila, Philippines has mostly burnt to the ground with the loss of all the indoor rides.

It seems the outdoor section including the Pinfari Invert was left untouched but sounds like the 3 indoor junior coasters (2 wacky worms and an SBF spinner) may have gone.

The park is extremely popular with Filipinos over the holiday season and it seems they may try and run the outdoor section in some capacity over that time.

While yes the parks a bit of a dump and the loss of 3 very small juniors isn't huge its sad to see any park suffer such a big fire these days.


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Ah man, that's a bit rubbish. I thought the park was halfway decent for a little inner city park - especially a city like Manila!

Do you know if the Ice World thing is/was still there? That was excellent when I went back in 2017!

Edit - just re-read the article and yes, Snow World was damaged. Missed that the first time. Thankfully no injuries reported though, so... silver linings.
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