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Roller Coaster Manufacturers' Census

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by TilenB, Nov 28, 2015.

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    During the summer of 2015 I kept myself from getting bored working on a fairly useless project. Basically, I was putting all of the coasters (or rather their manufacturers) I'd found on rcdb into a excel file (where I've split the coasters by continents where they are found), allowing a fairly quick overview of coasters of which manufacturer can be found where. The end result were 6 excel data, which I have hopefully managed to include as attachments to my post.

    Some notes:
    I have also added some pre-WW2 coaster designers into the mix, since I feel their role was probably as crucial when it came to construction as the maker's was.
    The numbers in the coloured squares indicate in how many locations the coaster has already appeared before I'd stumbled upon its rcdb page (country/continent)
    The numbers in brackets indicate the sum of unique coasters, while the numbers outside the brackets tell the number of rcdb entries

    And here is also a legend for better understanding:
    Green - operating
    Red - defunct
    Orange - SBNO
    Blue - in storage
    Purple - under construction
    Black - the coaster has appeared on the location but never opened to public (SBNO or in storage) and is now gone

    A little preview of what to expect:


    link for the files: ... JXX-a?dl=0

    Have fun and bye-bye! ;)

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