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Relocated Vekoma SLC coming to America!!

kenny cook

Hey y'all!! I heard a very interesting piece of information from someone I've spoken with that's a higher up at Ratanga Junction that I thought I should share. He said that Cobra, their Vekoma SLC with an extended helix at the end, was sold to an american park and is tentatively scheduled to be installed in 2019!! Very exciting news!! Any thoughts on this, or predictions of what park it could be going to?? (my personal prediction is frontier city)

Matt N

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Should be a good investment for whichever park gets it, but from most peoples' thoughts on them, the phrases "Vekoma SLC" and "exciting" are a bit of a juxtaposition...


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Not sure why this was posted in General Discussions, or how it stayed there for almost two months, but now it's put where it belongs.


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Except Cedar Fair is ran by people with at least half a brain. Six Flags is not.


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It appears Cobra is getting some TLC before its gets shipped to its new park. Wherever that may be.

As a side note Amusement-Rides usually do their refurbishments in the Netherlands... That picture clearly isn't the Netherlands. I would assume its still down in South Africa at the moment.
I REALLY wish they would have peeled the old paint and then painted new. You find over and over with these relocated rides that the paint fades/peels and it looks like ****.


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I'm pretty sure that's what they did? I don't see any yellow peeking through the blue at least and in the first shot you can see some stripped paint

Maybe I'm just blind lol.


Some people thought before this was going to Alabama Splash Adventure. NOPE! Dan Koch and his buddy showed up at Winter Warm-Up to get us to vote between two future coasters for the park (coming between 2021-2023); a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, the examples they listed were a 320 (Adrenaline Peak/Hydrus) and 380 (Iron Shark/Tantrum/Krater)... or a Gravity Group kiddy wooden coaster like Kentucky Flyer. It was about half and half, but I voted for the Euro-Fighter because the park needs a good steelie to round the collection out.