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Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts


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1. Banshee - Kings Island - it's an original design with so much g-force. My only qualm is not very re-ride-able, but by far one of the better B&Ms of recent history.
2. Afterburn - Carowinds - Man, they don't make them like this any more! Smaller, but lots of tight, small inversions.
3. Raptor - Cedar Point - Come at me; this is one of the best ideas Cedar Point ever had. It still remains a forceful ride 24 years later; a lesser second half compared to today's standards is easily forgivable. It still has one of the best zero-g rolls and cobra rolls out there.
3. Great Bear - Hersheypark - And you said Raptor has a dwindling second half? This ride is very underrated for it's quirky layout - I still really enjoyed its flow of inversions!
4. Patriot - Worlds of Fun - It's a perfectly fun ride, but like Talon, doesn't offer an edge over other inverts.
5. Talon - Dorney Park - Great ride, very standard.
6. Batman the Ride - Six Flags Magic Mountain - It's blue.
7. Batman the Ride - Six Flags St. Louis - not blue.
8. Batman the Ride - Six Flags Over Georgia - blue again.
9. Batman the Ride - Six Flags Over Texas - yellow!
10. Chinese Fireball - Islands of Adventure - Better than the other half, but still feels like half a ride.
11. Hungarian Horntail - Islands of Adventure - Just felt... slow.
12. Silver Bullet - Knott’s Berry Farm - If only they would have given it a real hill to gain speed.
Status update:

New 1. Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg - da fuq did I just ride? The placement, the theming, the MASSIVE expense of inversions across the first half are some of the most on-point roller coaster-ing out there. Stuff tamed down after the second half (advantage to Banshee for not having MCBR), but absolutely loved the g-force, speed, and especially night ride.

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1. Nemesis - Alton Towers (Very Intense, Well Themed)
2. Montu - Busch Gardens Africa (Love the Batwing)
3. Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Europe (First Drop is great, love racing over the banks of snow and through icehouses)
4. Afterburn - Carowinds (Love the Batwing)
5. Dueling Dragons - Islands Of Adventure (defunct) (Queue was great, dueling was great, Potter ruined it)
6. Raptor - Cedar Point (I love racing alongside the midway and seeing Blue Streak from the station)
7. Talon - Dorney Park (Glossy Smooth)
8. Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm (Great Bear of the West but better)
9. Batman The Ride - Six Flags Magic Mountain (The best of the clones)
10. Goliath - Six Flags Fiesta Texas ( This one has a nice plaza out front)
11. Batman The Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure (same as Magic Mountain)
12. Batman The Ride - Six Flags St. Louis (It kept its original color scheme)
13. Great Bear - Hersheypark ( Nice placement over the water, very smooth, not intense)
14. Batman The Ride - Six Flags Over Texas (Ouch)
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Excluding Batman clones because I've ridden 4 and they all differ in quality...

1. Nemesis - the perfect Invert. Incredible theming, intensity, ridiculous Gs, absolutely no breathing room, and surprisingly re-rideable thanks to a near lack of lines all day.
2. Raptor - back row at Coastermania this year was fantastic. With the exception of the MCBR which is a bit of a dead spot, it has the B&M roar and intensity from the glory days we all know and love.
3. Chinese Fireball - only rode this a couple of times in 2015, but have very fond memories of front row rides on this one. The layout was excellent with a perfect blend of intensity, whip, and visuals even without dueling, and I sorely miss it :cry:
4. Banshee - another one I only rode twice, but had tons of fun the first time, ranking it as my favorite. My second ride was a bit weaker, probably because it was towards the middle, but the intensity, especially with it's drawn-out layout was great, even with a distinct rattle.
5. Hungarian Horntail - I hardly remember it to begin with, but I think it was fun. This was the one with the cobra roll, right? (okay, sarcasm aside, I do remember really liking it, but I only rode it once so I barely remember it. Unfortunately, I can never remember it again...)


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There's gonna be a lot of unpopular opinions and hot takes here, so be prepared!
  1. Raptor, Cedar Point; This ride is surely one of the best coasters I've ridden! It's very intense, very smooth despite it's age, and honestly, the headbanging doesn't really bother me that much.
  2. Banshee, Kings Island; Honestly, Banshee could be better than Raptor, but the rattle brings it down a spot. A very fun, intense ride nonetheless!
  3. Alpengeist, BGW; It's been a while since I've ridden this ride, but I remember it being very fun and smooth. I definitely need a re-ride to see if it would be higher though.
  4. Afterburn, Carowinds; THE single largest disappointment of my East Coast Cedar Fair trip, I found Afterburn for the most part forceless and a little bit on the rougher side, and not just because of headbanging. In fact, I don't remember banging my head at all! It was still a very fun ride, but like Alpengeist, I definitely need a re-ride.
I also need to mention that I only got 1 ride on both Alpengeist and Afterburn, and they were both in the 4th row, and both in the "Big Boy" seat, and I blame my sister for this as she said, and I quote, "NO ZACH I'M NOT WAITING IN THAT LONG OF A LINE" when the line was only 2 :emoji_zipper_mouth:ING TRAINS AWAY FROM US GETTING ON FOR THE BACK ROW! I was pretty pissed off about that.
To be honest, the middle on both of those rides is the least exciting. I've been lucky enough to marathon both of them in some capacity over the years and found them to be, as is the case on most Inverts tbh, the most lackluster rides. Alpie is the best in the front IMO and Afterburn in the back (@Hixee and I damn near had orgasms after 8+ rides on it. :))


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1. Pyrenees
2. Nemesis
3. Black Mamba (elevated by fireworks)
4. Batman la Fuga
5. Monster
6. Afterburn
7. Nemesis Inferno
8. Flight Deck
9. Great Bear
10. Alpengeist

11. Phaethon
12. 'Will I bother putting more Batmans here?' SFMM
13. Yes SFoG
14. But it is getting a bit samey now SFGAdv

15. Silver Bullet
16. Diavlo
17. Ozlris


1. Montu (2019)
2. Alpengeist (2019)
3. Banshee (2017)
4. Talon (2017)
5. Afterburn (2017)
6. Batman: The Ride — Six Flags Over Georgia (2018)
7. Great Bear (2018)
8. Batman: The Ride — Six Flags Over Texas (2018)
9. Raptor (2017)


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1. alpengeist
2. nemesis
3. silver bullet (way underrated imo)
4. great bear
5. batman (sf magic mountain)
6. raptor (may have just caught it on a bad day but it was way too aggressive for my liking)