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Rank Togo’s operating and defunct roller coaster


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Alright it's a list topic, I'll bite.
I'd have (and like) to include Japan because of the ones I've done, well... they're all in Japan.

1. Fujiyama (Fuji Q) - Fun and unique feeling hyper that I prefer to a fair few boring B&Ms. The end section where the track goes completely off-kilter is surreal, vicious and amazing.
2. Bandit (Yomiuriland) - King of the Jet Coasters. Huge, terrainy fun and actually manages airtime. 'Wet Bandit' was a silly, ridiculous and hilarious concept that enhanced it even more.
3. Milky Way (Standup) (Greenland) - Standing airtime is amazing. Someone needs a modern attempt at this.
4. Ultra Twister Megaton (Greenland) - My ride, love em.
5. Ultra Twister (Nagashima Spa Land) - As above, don't like the park as much.
6. Milky Way (Sitdown) (Greenland) - Got racing and music on its side, bit of a laugh.
7. Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster (Yomiuriland) - Standup train is the better of the two. Boring layout, but still fun.
8. Hurricane - Screw & Loop Coaster (Himeji) - Surprisingly alright, amusing speed hill at the end.
9. Mega Coaster (Hamanako Pal Pal) - Significant and fun, but a bit on the rough side.
10. Jungle Coaster (Enakyo Wonderland) - Feels sketchy and hangs off the side of a cliff.
11. Clipper (Space World) - Small but a unique layout.
12. Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster (DisneySea) - Looks decent and has waving staff, otherwise its a Vekoma Junior.
13. Cycle Coaster (Enakyo Wonderland) - Feels a bit dirty counting it, interesting but not good.
14. Jet Coaster (Nagashima Spa Land) - Only rode it on the first visit when I absolutely hated the place, as far as I remember it was a disgrace to the name of Jet Coasters anyway.


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1: Fujiyama - Fuji Q
2: Surf Coaster Leviathan - Sea Paradise
3: Bandit - Yomiuriland
4: Ultra Twister - Nagashima Spa Land
5: Momnga Standning and Loop Coaster - Yomiuriland

Then in no real order:

6: Roller Coaster - Hanayashiki Amusement Park
7: Flouder's Flying Fish Coaster - Tokyo DisneySea
8: Cyclone - Toshimaen
9: Jet Coaster - Nagashima Spa Land
10: Hurricane - Screw and Loop Coaster