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Rank the Disney Parks

Discussion in 'Polls' started by Edward M, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Edward M

    Edward M Well-Known Member

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    Steel Vengeance
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    Tokyo Disneysea
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    Sorry, another Disney post. However, I'm very interested in people's responses! Here's my list:

    1. Tokyo Disneysea: It's just what I consider the best theme park in the world. Nothing out there looks like it could possibly match it (even Phantasialand) for me. It's on an entirely different level from anything else on this list.
    2. Disneyland: It has all the amazing history, a fantastic ride collection, and a nice intimacy to it. It's just such a pleasant park to be in.
    3. Animal Kingdom: I know it's not most people's favorite, but I just love the insane amount of detail presented here. There's a sense of adventure to this park that most other parks just don't have. Plus, Avatar Land is arguably the best land ever built, so that really elevates it for me as well. And Flight of Passage is unreal.
    4. Disneyland Paris (not visited): With the recent refurbishments, Disneyland Paris seems to be looking great again. It looks like such a detailed park with so many little areas to explore. Sadly, the ride selection looks pretty poor.
    5. Hong Kong Disneyland (not visited): This looks like such a charming and intimate little park. It seems like a park I could explore for an hour and feel comfortable in. It never seems to have large crowds which would also really enhance the experience.
    6. Magic Kingdom: Magic Kingdom has far too many people. It's getting truly hard to walk through the park with the sidewalk constantly busy. However, it has an undeniable charm and nostalgia for me. It was the park I grew up with and remains to be my home park in many ways.
    7. Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo Disneyland has one of the best ride collections of any theme park. Fantastic versions of Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Peter Pan, and Jungle Cruise as well as two amazing unique rides with Pooh and Monsters Inc. However, it lacks any real intimacy. The fantastic theming elevates the park a lot, but it's not an extremely warm place. Something a bit cold about it. Just needs some charm.
    8. Epcot: This is a park that's been dying for years now. It's on constant life support with festivals pretty consistent. However, its ride collection is extremely poor overall. It just features so many bad dark rides (did not used to be this way). More than anything, I'm just sad I'll never get to see EPCOT Center; it looked like one of the best Disney parks ever.
    9. Shanghai Disneyland (not visited): Looks a bit sterile overall. I don't like very wide pathways in Disney parks, and this seems to have a lot of those. However, Pirates and TRON both look great, and I hope to visit at some point.
    10. Disney California Adventure: It's good but not great I'd say. It has the amazing Cars Land and some solid areas like Golden State, but it's just lacking overall.
    11. Disney Hollywood Studios: It's barely even a park right now. It has a great ride collection, but it is overall a poor park currently. After Star Wars Land, I image this will be much higher.
    12. Walt Disney Studios (not visited): Heard horrible things, but Ratatouille looks nice. Everything else though, looks quite bad.
  2. CanobieFan

    CanobieFan Well-Known Member

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    Hmm, based on my travels and trying to not be biased as I work for the Walt Disney Company.....
    I would probably put Disneyland Park Paris at number one yet Walt Disney Studios Park, also Paris, dead last. It's amazing that an absolute gem could be next to one of the worst parks I've ever visited. I haven't done the Asian Parks, yet, but 8 out of 12 isn't bad

    1 Disneyland Park (Paris)
    2 Magic Kingdom (WDW)
    3 Disneyland (DLR)
    4 Disney's Animal Kingdom (WDW)
    5 Disney California Adventure Park (DLR)
    6 Epcot (WDW)
    7 Disney's Hollywood Studios (WDW)
    8 Walt Disney Studios Park (Paris)
  3. Pink Cadillac

    Pink Cadillac Well-Known Member

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    Currently it's:
    1. DLP
    2. MK
    3. AK
    4. Epcot
    5. DHS
    6. WDS
    but I'm going soon so I'll update with justifications.
  4. HeartlineCoaster

    HeartlineCoaster Well-Known Member

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    I find it hard to separate what I've done. (Interestingly only those that @Edward M hasn't done. We've got the set between us.)
    I'm not particulary into Disneys as a park. They just make the odd killer ride that I love, so this will be based on quality of standout attractions.
    Paris together would be a better standalone trip than Shanghai, but if you're splitting Paris up...

    1. Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic and Grizzly <3.
    Nice staff. Quiet. Revisiting again soon.
    2. Shanghai Disneyland - Pirates <3.
    Had the opportunity to revisit, but didn't take it.
    3. Disneyland Paris - Big Thunder <3.
    Planning to revisit at some point since the latest refurb. Possibly haven't seen it at it's best.
    4. Studios Paris - ToT <3.
    Then leave.
    Ratatouille ride sucks.
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  5. CanobieFan

    CanobieFan Well-Known Member

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    Guess I wasn't the only one not amused with a queue line that features barking dogs for 20 minutes straight.....
  6. Jamesss

    Jamesss Well-Known Member

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    Disneyland, CA
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    Just got back from WDW having last visited in 2005 so feel suitably refreshed to rank the ones I've been to.

    1. Magic Kingdom. Maybe it was because I visited on a relatively quiet couple of days with nice weather but I had such a good time here last week I couldn't not put it first. Loads of attractions and so many classics. Love all the old stuff like Tiki Room, Country Bears and Carousel of Progress. Also not as bland as I remembered - I think the Fantasyland expansion made a big difference.
    2. Disneyland Park Paris. Easily more visually impressive than MK but doesn't quite have enough attractions yet. If it had a little more to do it would be in first place without a doubt. BTM, POTC and IASW all better versions than WDW in my opinion.
    3. Epcot. Absolutely adored World Showcase. Maybe it was because of the Food & Wine Festival but the place just seemed buzzing. It was great. Biggest disappointment was Test Track 2 - the new version is so bland.
    4. Disney Hollywood Studios. Only four rides there at the moment, but actually had a surprisingly good time. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Tower Of Terror have always been two of my all time favourite rides - in any park - so plenty of goes on those keeps me satisfied really.
    5. Animal Kingdom. Went in expecting this to be my favourite WDW park but I found it way too congested. The new Avatar Flight of Passage has got to be one the most overrated rides in history. Took my first ride on Everest though and I loved it.
    6. Walt Disney Studios Paris. Gets a lot of stick but I don't hate it. The park just needs a more cohesive and visually attractive theme as a whole because the individual attractions are all quite good. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster here is amazing, even better than the WDW version.
  7. LiveForTheLaunch

    LiveForTheLaunch Well-Known Member

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    1. Tokyo Disneysea- Obviously the most unique park Disney has ever created, and although it doesn't really give an in-your-face Disney vibe, it's still an incredibly stunning park with a decent selection of attractions to boot. I would be content just strolling through the park just taking in the scenery without even riding anything. Plus, Shiriki Utundu <3

    2. Disneyland California-
    Has such an authentic and classic feeling that I didn't experience in any other Disney park. You can kind of just feel the charm and history while you're walking throughout the park, and obviously authenticity and historic value isn't something they could just emanate in their subsequent parks. I'm really looking forward to going back!

    3. Disneyland Paris- To me it felt like this was the closest park to the original Disneyland California, and I simply don't understand the flack it has received from people. Yes, I know it is said to have improved in the past few years, but I just can't imagine it ever being as bad as it was made out to be.

    4. Hong Kong Disney- I'll probably casually be shot for putting this below Disneyland Paris. It has a charming atmosphere, and Mystic Manor is absolutely incredible, but I just felt like it was missing something and I can't quite put my finger on what that might be. I wasn't a massive fan of the Grizzly thingy, but it did have an incredible night show and I loved the Lion King show as well. Also, the people at the parades with UMBRELLAS, urgh.

    5. Magic Kingdom- Has more of a busy, money-making chain park vibe than the other Disney parks have and I feel like that has eradicated a great deal of the Disney charm. It definitely has the best selection of attractions out of the "main" Disney parks, so for that it gets bonus points, but it just feels more fabricated than authentic, if that makes sense. Still, I love the park and I will definitely be going back!

    6. California Adventure- A park I was not expecting much from, and thus was pleasantly surprised! Has a decent selection of attractions and although the atmosphere isn't as killer a some of the main Disney parks, I still enjoyed my time there. My only regret is not seeing World of Colour because of a pounding headache. I wish I had stuck it out! Also, Cars is undoubtedly one of the most amazing attractions to come out of any Disney park to date.

    7. Animal Kingdom- There isn't a huge amount to do there, which may have changed with the recent addition of Pandora, but I do love what they have to offer and it's a breath of fresh air from the concrete-y other parks at Disney World. I feel like Expedition Everest is very underrated as well, because I enjoyed it a whole lot more than Big Grizzly Mountain. Of course, the only negative thing about it is the hideous section where Primeval Whirl is, but it's forgiven because fabulous Dinosaur resides around there.

    8. Studios/Hollywood Studios- I put the Paris and Floridian parks on par because they're not a whole lot different from one another. I have always enjoyed these parks, but when juxtaposed against other Disney parks, they just don't stack up. Ratatouille and Tower of Terror are still some of the best attractions Disney has come up with, but unfortunately those aren't enough to carry the entire park. Oh yeah, Crush is secretly fab too <3

    9. Tokyo Disneyland- Ehhh, a worse version of all the other main Disney parks. I hate the covered Main Street, and a lot of it seemed run down compared to its counterparts!

    10. Epcot- Despite a few decent attractions, I am not a huge fan. So much of it is stuck in the 1970s (which would secretly be sad if they changed it because I guess that's part of the charm), and although I was able to appreciate World Showcase more as an adult than an eight year old, it still becomes redundant. I also did not like the show at night.

    I don't know how Shanghai would stack up against the parks I have been to, so I won't even bother ranking it.
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  8. peep

    peep Moderator Staff Member Moderator Social Media Team

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    Still need to visit Hong Kong so aside from that...

    Tokyo DisneySea - it's just an incredible place to be in and has some excellent attractions.

    Disneyland Paris - Just a well designed park with lots of places to explore and a great range of things to see and do. Crying out for a few more attractions though.

    Shanghai Disneyland - I really like this park, it might be a bit too open in some places and there isn't much to "explore" but the attractions are just phenomenal. Will be interesting to revisit someday.

    Animal Kingdom - Love the density of the trees and plants really feels like an adventure. It could do with some more attractions and the removal of the horrendous dino area (but keep Dinosaur) but it's just a great place to roam.

    California Adventure - I really love this park, I think the ride line up is fantastic and I just enjoy being in the park more than Disneyland.

    Epcot - Love visiting here, especially for Food and Wine. Mainly good just because the food on offer is amazing.

    Disneyland California - I like the park but it feels way too cramped for the amount of people in the park. I also don't feel the magic nostalgia everyone else seems to get from the place.

    Walt Disney Studios - I know it's not great but I love the attractions here. Apart from Motors action, Armageddon and Tram tour - they can go away.

    Tokyo Disneyland - Winnie the Pooh elevates this park for me but it's mainly a poor copy of Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom - Everything feels too fake, Fantasyland is the worst.

    Disney Hollywood Studios - This park feels like there's nothing in it, maybe it'll be better once Star Wars opens but that still feels far away.

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