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LoG 2020: Results!


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Been an odd start to the year, hasn't it? For the sake of consistency, I'm going to plough on with the League. Most of this is basically automated anyway now, and I think it's going to prove interesting to compare the years.

Q1 results

The first quarter is over, and the results are in! First off, let's start with some statistics.

We've had 24 members sign up so far. Of those 24 members, 14 of you have logged points in the first quarter. You've scored a total of 7170 points, visited a total of 80 parks and ridden 413 coasters.

Here's the table, as it stands at the close of Q1:

Congratulations to @HeartlineCoaster, @.Ac. and @Fi for their podium positions this quarter.

Additionally, @HeartlineCoaster travelled the furthest this quarter - with a trip to Chuanlord Holiday Manor being 9568km from home!

Here's a world map, with all of the parks visited in Q1 shown. I've got two different types of map here - one normal with all the parks visited plotted once. The second one is a heat-map, with each visit to each park plotted, and the heat-map applied accordingly (density based).

If you have any ideas for stats or visualisations you'd like to see, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do!

Finally, I will now start including a table comparing each month with the previous years. I imagine this is going to look quite stark as the year progresses. This includes all scoring for all the years I've been running the league (2017 onwards).

One thing to note, I've put the points scored and the total parks on different charts as the scoring method has changed throughout the years, so not easy to give a like-for-like comparison based on points alone. The total parks does a better job of this.

Not hard to spot the effects of Covid-19 there, is it?

Expecting Q2 to be pretty bleak for points, but stay safe out there folks and hopefully we can start to see some more points being logged towards the start of Q3.


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I do wonder how many (if any?) submissions will be posted in Q2. I don't think any of us live in a country where parks are currently running?


Woo medal position! Shall be interestingly to see how q1 compares to the final year position, I really hope we can record so,e more points.


Cheers for all effort @Hixee, as per usual.

Glad I made trip out of season, least I got to ride some coasters this year if all else fails