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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM launch coaster

Discussion in 'Roller Coaster Construction' started by peep, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. bob_3_

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    If it's like Taron (which I expect it to be with 2 launches and a similar ride system) it would likely run 4 trains at max capacity, but comfortably run 3 with a steady throughput.
  2. JoshC.

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    Oh definitely, it could run 4. But I don't see the park getting more than 3 - I don't think there's a need for them to have to buy 4 personally? Could be wrong of course!
  3. CrashCoaster

    CrashCoaster Formerly ATI

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    PortAventura Park
    Bear in mind Taron also has a separate load/offload station, and a longer track length. This won't run more than three, not to mention the maintenance bay will likely only be able to fit two trains.
  4. PetskuC

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    This. I can't see them putting more than 2 trains, since the maintenance bay will comfortably have 2 trains. Also, The only times Linnanmäki is crowded is in the peak of the summer and at the light carnival in October. The longest I have waited for a ride there is 1h, which compared to other coasters worldwide isn't bad. They will run just fine with two trains, since this coaster isn't even an option for many visitors (too scary of a ride). Ukko, their other "extreme" coaster rarely has a line, and when it has a line it's cause it only has one train operations (because of the model, a Maurer skyloop). Even the confirmed fastpass this ride will get will be obsolete after the second season this will be open, because then the hype and crowds that were there only for this coaster will be gone (I may however be wrong, only time will tell.)

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