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Legendia | Unknown | Hafema Rapids | 2020


Mini construction update: https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=163284522&postcount=6042#/topics/1814223?page=605

I'm on mobile and can't seem to link photos?

It also looks like the crazy spinning ride, Dragon Riders, is destined to close down.
Not necessarily. There are currently two other flat rides in bits at the park.
Hi. I was at Legendia in September and spoke to park management and Dragon Wrestling tournament, Dragon Riders & Circus Hoppala won't be returning next season. They are all closing down- the cars for dragon riders have been removed and are placed next to the ride body on the grass and the cars from dragon wrestling tournament are in storage. I am not sure if either have been sold or whether they are being sold off for parts but the team confirmed that for me and I was very upset as never got a chance to ride them and they are some of the most unique flat rides in the world.


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What in my post implied I don't know that? I was referring to the layout and theming so far. I grew up watching the construction sites at Phantasialand while you obviously took an extra ride on the passive-aggressive-comment-coaster.


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It's a shame it's such a basic layout. After the park struck gold with Lech and Bazyliszek, it's a shame this is shaping up to be a bit more bog standard, especially since it's from a manufacturer who only ever seem to have hit or miss with their rapids.

Obviously don't want to jump the gun and hopefully the theming makes up for it, but I'm still a little disappointed the layout isn't something more interesting.