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Kite Flyer - [RLRides Wing Coaster] - RELEASED! PAGE 2

Discussion in 'NoLimits Projects' started by bob_3_, Jan 12, 2015.

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    Re: Kite Flyer - [RLRides Wing Coaster]




    RLRides & CrazyCoaster Design Presents

    -Kite Flyer-

    Background- This ride is inspired by competetive stunt kite flying. Prepare to enter, ride the wind and show us your moves! This is an intense ride experience with high speeds and forces, dives and twists. All entrants but be 1.4meters and not suffer from back or heart problems. All loose articles must be secure. This ride is not suitable for people who are pregnant or suffer from motion sickness or a fear of heights.

    Design- Inspired by Thunderbird at Holiday World and various other modern B&Ms. I've created this ride to capture the gracefulness, intensity and openness of B&M's most recent additions. Prepare to take on the 70mph launch, 3 large scale inversions and intense corners and twists. I wanted to create a ride experience that was not only fun and intense to ride but also great to watch so it sits well in the skyline.

    Elements- 70mph launch Dive Loop Stall Dive Vertical Loop Ground Hugging Turn Zero-G Roll Air-time Hill Helix Butterfly Turn Bunny Hops Final Brakes

    Notes- MASSIVE Thanks to Andre (CrazyCoaster) who created the station and plaza. He's one a great job and captured exactly what this ride experience is about. Enjoy =).

    Here's a fabulous POV video for all you guys without NL2 or :emoji_zipper_mouth: computers.

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    Fantastic! So cool.

    The plaza/station area in general was great. Really nice feel to the whole thing - and feasibly what I could see being in a park somewhere. The coaster was also really nice. Felt very realistic, it flowed really nicely, was smooth, creative and fun. I also really liked the colours and scenery/terrain - fitted really nice with everything.

    Great work on the coaster, the plaza, the station, everything. Really quality work.

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