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I'm moving to Paris..... JUSSAYIN <3


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After 6 months of not posting on here but still going to lives. The reality that I could no longer live the fabulously mysterious lifestyle dawned on me <//3


So..... as many of you may or may not know, I attended an audition back in November. It was a long audition where out of 230 people, only 2 got offered job possibilities, one of them being me.... Then the waiting game began.

Shan't lie, I genuinely gave up and started looking for other jobs and generally hating life and such. Then in April, I got a phone call...

The phone call lasted for about 10 minutes, was filled with adjustments and dates.

Disneyland Resort, Paris offered me a contract as a Face Character [Princes] in the Character and Parade department <3

This is a huge change, moving countries, new language, new lifestyle. It's all go haha!

So, in 14 days time, I move out to Paris & i won't really be able to see many of you for a long time unless you VISIT ha.

This topic, I guess. Is to keep you guys updated with anything interesting that will happen along the way!


Over and out <3


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I'm excited for you AJ :)

Brilliant stuff, and as it's so major, I may even let the topic stay open ;)


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Awesome stuff AJ! Well done!

I look forward to hearing all about it. :D

Youngster Joey

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Can you post all the rumors about new attractions you hear?

CM rumors are always the best rumors.

Aside from that have a great time in France and I wish you good luck


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I've already wished you good luck a million times, but good luck booo! <3 I know you will do amazing and this is totally your element, let's face it! :p


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Yeah big good luck and well done!!

Don't listen to YJ, we don't want you sacked for posting insider info on t'internet now do we. :)


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