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Gröna Lund | Unknown | B&M Invert


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There seems to be a healthy mix of rides among both bolt patterns. I didn't look at every single invert on RCDB, nor did every ride have conclusive photos, so I cannot quite pinpoint a grouping of rides, but Silver Bullet and Black Mamba feature six bolts across, yet Patriot features five, so it's likely not a time period where they decided to build them this way.

Also...awesome to see this project get off the ground! It'll certainly be an interesting one!


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Why is it going to take them another year for them to open this? Surely, if they get it built this off-season they can have it open for around May? I seriously doubt they will theme this much, but I'm open to pleasant surprises.


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I think that this could potentially end up being one of the most unique inverts ever built! The layout is certainly unique, and the underground features certainly make it differ from some of the others, at least; I almost think that it could ride somewhat akin to something like Black Mamba or Nemesis!
I think this project is more akin to Tornado at Sarkanniemmi, having an underground station. Besides brake run and station being underground (huge undertaking), this coaster won't have any trenches. It will be shoe-horned just like every other roller coaster at Gröna Lund, which is amazing already!


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It's awesome to see this birthing from the ground now. When we were there in August it was cool to peak down through the manholes and see the station just sitting there underneath all of the paths (rebuilt over the top for the season).

This is a fascinating coaster. I can't wait to follow the construction.


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I hadn't realised it'd changed that much since those older renderings (and subsequent NL2 creations) were created. What did they change?
Besides the final inversion being removed, the support structure and colours, the already existing pre-creations aren't the best anyway.


They "only" took out the last inversion (an Inline-Twist), and allegedly will replace it with an airtime-moment. Since as far as I know, all we got so far is a couple of pictures, and exact dimensions are kind of essential to accurately depicting a tight layout like this, not really sure how someone would pull off a proper NL2-recreation that doesn't, you know...

look slow :p
From Google Earth, I'm sure that someone would be able to deduce the locations of elements on this coaster based on the preexisting buildings that it interacts with and is situated around.


From Google Earth, I'm sure that someone would be able to deduce the locations of elements on this coaster based on the preexisting buildings that it interacts with and is situated around.
Fair enough, but my point is, with this tight of a layout, I'm interested in pacing above all else, and NL2 already doesn't have the greatest physics simulation for B&M Inverts. I mean, it's probably pretty accurate, but it always feels "off" compared to what riding an invert actually feels like, they sort of defy the laws of physics sometimes. You can somewhat easily confirm that if you try to recreate Nemesis, it's extremely difficult to get close to its actual pacing because the way it suddenly picks up steam after the first corcscrew is just plain weird.

If we were talking about a Banshee-sized Invert, then yes, even a rough estimate would come pretty close to the actual experience, but the tighter it gets, the more magnified even small inaccuracies become.


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I forgot how awesome that layout looks. They packed quite a lot in there and I love the focus on tight turns and transitions. And of course the surroundings and interactions will only elevate the ride.