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Gröna Lund | Monster | B&M Invert | 2021


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Apparently there will be a tunnel on the roof of one of the restaurants that the coaster will go through (the section we see in the news-video above). Really cool! Getting pretty hyped about this now :)))


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Yep, I'm sold. The coaster seems to be longer than what the track length suggests. I think the only reason why it's track length isn't the longest is because there is no loop. I imagine a loop would add a couple of hundred feet of track. That being said I think this will be a pretty good invert.


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Monster, is without a doubt, the cred I'm most excited about. This is going to sound flippant, but meh. It's "easy" enough to build most coasters - plonk it in and build around it. To build something like Monster within all the constraints the park faces, takes imagination and engineering skills you're unlikely to see anywhere else. Next time a park says they can't do something because of the area and budget they've got to work with, point to this and tell 'em, they're not trying hard enough.

Few more photos taken from inside of the park and the crane's cab. Nothing "new" but always good to see different angles.

Sort of "loopy". (I know it's not a loop.)

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The most customised B&M track ever made.

"How are you going to get the trains in?" "Remove the floor." I love the way the guide rope is tied to the door handle <3


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It's the most exciting European development for my money as well, because I'm a big B&M fan.
My only slight nagging concern (and I'm probably wrong!) is that B&M have tried to build compact coasters for Scandinavian parks before and ended up with a big pile of MEH.


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For some reason I can't convince my brain that this isn't one of the family B&M coasters like they have in China. Those were really intense and fun to be fair, but I don't find myself overly excited by Monster? But sometimes that's a good thing, if I go on it not expecting anything and it's really good, great!


This coaster is absurdly cool. I love the underground section, and I’m sure all of it will feel much faster than it really is given the building and ground near-misses and tight turns.


Useless technicality but correct, that can't a block with just the mag brakes. I'd assume the part of the brakes before the decline is a block though (like the top part of a Giga brake run). Regardless, that angle is kinda absurd for a Beemer and I adore it😄
As soon as this opens I will have to get to Stockholm. Sad that my local airline (bra airlines 😂) went bankrupt and I need to take a 4.5 hour train 😥.