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Eurosat 2.0 - Refurbishment - Europa Park

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12th September is the date for the press event (what has been seen is the press invites). However they have indeed said that they're working hard to have it all open before that date.



Is that a Statue of Liberty hand!? I suppose there is one of those in Paris but it is lesser known than the NY version.


Oh and by the way, Thomas Mack confirmed in an interview with Hitradio Ohr that Eurosat Can Can Coaster will open this month!
"I already tested it, everyone who knows Eurosat can be excited, since we kept the layout by our grandfather. But the coaster is much smoother now and is really fun to ride. In September there will be the grand-opening-celebration, but for our guests the coaster will already open in August."


New Artworks, shown in this Video, which unfortunately is only available in German and French:
ArtworkOnride1.jpg ArtworkOnride2.jpgArtworkOnride3.jpg
I am still not a fan of the theme, and I don't see how b*tches hanging from the ceiling are a good decoration for a roller coaster.
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I hate the theme, but love it because it's just so ridiculous and unique. I reckon this could be fab.