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Do you know anyone who has used a rental scooter/wheelchair at Disney?


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There are rental companies that offer this at Disney world it seems. I didn't know.
For people who are not necessarily disabled but with moblity problems just to get around more easily.

1. Know anyone who has used these? Anyone had any recommendations/bad experiences with them? Looks pretty nice
Either this or a foldable cane looking appealing to me for the knees. Am also obviously trying to drop some weight and get more fit but this looks good short term.

I'm trying to imagine how it works- as in, the last time I was at an amusement park 10+ years ago I don't recall ever seeing the places where people would park a scooter like the pic above or, somewhat unrelated, where wheelchair users go.

2. Aside from Disney, ever seen people use scooters like the pic above?

3. Know anyone who uses a cane or other mobility aids at Disney world who would be good to ask?
Foldable cane that can fit in a large pouch looks best to me because you can bring it with you into line.


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I have read more about this and am thinking foldable cane is maybe the best idea.

The last time I went to an amusement park, at most I ever carried was a fanny pack

A foldable cane is bigger. Could fit in maybe a large purse or a low profile backpack.

However, it might be a bit borderline. In general, what do you see is typically the max allowed stuff to bring on a roller coaster with you?


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You'll see swarms of people on scooters, most of them that don't actually need it, at any given Florida Disney park.