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Djurs Sommerland | Unknown | Mack Powered Coaster | 2022


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I think it is reasonable to be a little disappointed, though. Every park in Denmark is a family park, and the last time an "Extreme" coaster (as classified by RCDB) was built in the country was in 2008. Djurs is pretty much the only park in the country with the means to build something on that scale nowadays, and they have a park full of family coasters already. It's not often that the chance to see something big comes along; this was probably the one shot we're getting for several years. It's a little painful to see it's another investment along the same lines they've already gone several times before.
This is pretty much how I feel about this.

Having followed the park very closely for more than a decade, this is the first time that an investment of theirs (at least what we've seen so far of it) doesn't really make sense to me. - Of course I would have liked them to finally go for the big thrill coaster, but the fact that they didn't isn't why I'm confused...
They went with a family attraction once again. Fair enough. But of all the (family) coaster-types you can choose from, a Mack Powered Coaster?

There are a couple of reasons why I find this odd. First of all, we already have 3 coasters of this type in Denmark and the last one opened at Tivoli just last year! Where is the novelty? - Djurs has previously been very good at choosing ride types that are unique to the country, but this certainly doesn't fit that bill.
I'm also not sure where this fits into their line-up. As said earlier, I respect that they didn't go for the big thrill this time around, but between all their current coasters, I don't see what target group this will serve, that we haven't already seen done better at the same park?

The only reason I'm frustrated about this, is because I honestly love this park and I only want the absolute best for it.
That being said, I might not know what's best and this might very well be a very successful addition, I just don't understand it at the moment.
This is just my initial reaction though and hopefully I'll come to recognize the idea of it all soon...
The one thing that makes me excited about this is even though the track design is altered a bit from a recent example, I can only prey that they do a good theming/landscaping/storyline behind it that is at least half the quality of Max and Moritz at Efteling, because if they can live up to that, then they have a decent themed family coaster experience.


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I refuse to believe that they would add a simple powered coaster... It's Djurs, they got to have a thing or two up their sleeve. Or maybe they will replace it with something similar to it's predecessor, the boat ride. In other words the focus of the ride will be much more about the coasters surrounding rather than the coaster itself.


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A friend and I visited the park this past tuesday and met up with the CEO, who were awesome as always and took us on a little tour of the construction site.
Footers for the Mack Powered Coaster are all done and most of the track and supports are there.
The area is quite huge in person and overall I think it's going to turn out great!

Here's some shots:








More pics over at CoasterClub Denmark's Facebook.