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Coaster Tournament '18 Finals


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I'll close off the voting with:
5: Steel Vengeance.

That makes Steel Vengeance the 2018 Coaster Tournament Champion!
View the results of the entire tournament at http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=470653

Any additional comments/suggestions for the tournament in the future feel free to post them in here or in the Rules and Info topic page. I got one good suggestion about changing tiebreakers that I liked, and will likely use in the future.

I appreciate everyone participating, and I apologize I'm not as good at getting on here daily as I have been in the past for this. Big thank you to @Hixee and any other Mods that kept it all organized along the way!


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Great stuff @valleyfair!, another well run year!

Was probably pretty obvious that Steel Vengeance was going to win from the outset, but I always enjoy the "this or that" type voting. Often the pairing isn't one I've thought about before, so I get to think about what I actually enjoy in a coaster more than I might normally.

I'll leave this topic stickied for a few days, before letting it make its way down the page.

Until next year!


Honestly, this is one of my favorite things to do on this forum! Last year, I didn't even know about it until half-way through the first round, and it totally passed over my head this year! It's always fun seeing who will come out on top, and how the coaster that did got there in the first place!