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Clones vs Original designs cost

Discussion in 'Q&A' started by Coaster Hipster, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Coaster Hipster

    Coaster Hipster Well-Known Member

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    Clones are often frowned upon among enthusiasts for basically offering the same layout as another coaster. Supposedly they're cheaper than an original layout design, but by how much? I've never seen an extensive research or analysis on the topic.

    A corollary question is how much work and energy does it save the manufacturer to go cloning? I suppose they still have to adapt some calculations to the new park's terrain if needed for example.

    Also, isn't a clone ride likely to be delivered more quickly to the park? Less time spent on coming out with a new design, and maybe the factory can work faster with a layout they're familiar with?
  2. Alaeriia

    Alaeriia Active Member

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    I think it's a similar price point for actual construction and delivery ($25M seems to be a common quote), but you might shave some time and cash off by using an off-the-shelf model. Also, some companies may offer a bulk discount if a chain buys multiple coasters, and a stock model can help with that. Finally, many park owners may not have the creative mindset of those in the NL2 section of this forum, and may just go ride a coaster and then say, "Can we have that in our park?"
  3. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown Mr CoasterForce 2016 CF Award Winner 2016

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    Will save a fortune in design fees pumping out clones. Each custom design has to be fully engineered before they even consider manufacturing and I know with smaller coasters they often errect a section or the entire thing to test. Not saying it doesn't cost to design a clone but would come more under the scope of a ground work contractor to prepare the topography as opposed to the manufacturer designing for a different location.
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  4. Hixee

    Hixee Most Knowledgeable Member 2016 Staff Member Moderator CF Award Winner 2016

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    Chris speaks the truth. Massive savings.

    You don't have to undertake any major design work on the ride (ground work only, basically), all of your tooling and fabrication procedures have already been figured out, you don't have to analyse the structures, rider forces, train design, etc. Plus, you're picking up a load of pre-selected third party components where you've already gone through the hassle of specifying them (chain, lift motors, cabling, etc), meaning you save lots of time there.

    I'd love to know the actual figures, but I could easily believe a 30-50% saving over a custom model of a comparable size.

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