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Chessington World of Adventures Resort plans new mini log flume and re-theme of Toadie’s Crazy Cars


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Chessington World of Adventures Resort plans new mini log flume and re-theme of Toadie’s Crazy Cars
Chessington World of Adventures Resort has submitted plans for a new mini log flume and a reconfiguration and re-theme of Toadie’s Crazy Cars.
In the proposals submitted to Kingston Council, the Resort outline plans to install a new mini log flume ride in the area adjacent to Toadie’s Crazy Cars and the Gruffalo Arena. The mini log flume is the same ride that used to be located at Weymouth SeaLife Centre and has a maximum height of 4 metres meaning it will be aimed at a younger audience than the existing flume, Tiger Rock. The ride will have six logs, each able to carry up to 3 riders. As part of the development, the log flume will be re-themed to include safari theming, including animal models located around the route. As well as the installation of the ride itself, the immediate area surrounding the attraction will also be developed to include a new public walkway linking the new mini log flume with Toadie’s Crazy Cars, and a public viewing area for the flume drop zone. A new entrance portal will be installed at either end of the public walkway creating in effect a sub area containing the mini log flume and Toadie’s Crazy Cars.

In order to create the required space for the new mini log flume, changes are proposed for Toadie’s Crazy Cars. The current track for the ride will be re-routed so that it occupies a more central location, and the length of the track will be reduced from 200m to 168m long. The attraction will also receive a re-theme with safari jeep style cars and other safari theming added to the ride. This theming will include animal models being placed around the route for guests to spot on their way around the track. This new theming will match that of the new mini log flume ride.
The proposed alterations to Toadie’s Crazy Cars will be the second time the ride has been rebranded. The attraction first opened as Old Crock’s Rally in 1987, with it later receiving its Wind in the Willows theming in the early 2000s. It also had its track shortened once before to make space for the ride station for Dragon’s Fury.
Currently, there is no indication within the plans as to when the new mini log flume and re-themed Toadie’s Crazy Cars are expected to open, however it is possible that the attractions could be the Resort’s 2020 addition. These plans follow the submission in September for a new drop tower ride to replace Rameses Revenge with an expected opening date of 2021.

Really? A major theme park with 2mil+ visitors installing a second hand miniature logflume? Come on, seriously?

Paultons and Flaimingo land must be laughing at Merlin right now.
Just because of theming and I know CWOA can make this look great. It is bad that its a 2nd hand flume ride but I think they will make this into a great family attraction


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Not sure if this is a fair comparison but Linnanmäki, a park with half the visitor count of Chessington in the last decade has installed an enterprise, a small drop tower, a kiddie powered coaster, a Maurer Skyloop coaster, a brand new gosetto ghost train, a 75m gyro drop, 2 family flats and VR on an indoor coaster, a high thrill flat from Technical Park and a large scale Intamin multi-launch coaster.
This all while donating up to 4,5 million euros to charity every year so from Chessington a 2nd hand 4m tall flume which isn't even a purchase, just an in-company relocation is a bit pathetic, if it's not too harsh to say.