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Alright, I got the server all set up! This might take a few tries to get everyone in the server since the link expires after 24 hours, but feel free to reach out via PM or on Facebook Messenger if the link has expired and I haven't posted a new one yet.

Right now, there are four channels: General for any sort of conversation, Friend Codes such that we can all ensure that we are friends with each other, Raid Coordination such that we can organize and invite each other to raids, and Trainer Battles in case people want to play some PvP. If there are any features or channels that you would like to see added, please let me know! I am not yet savvy with Discord bots so it'd be tough for me to put in some over the top features but I can certainly add more basic things if desired.


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I wouldn't worry too much about discord bots for this. As long as we play fair etc.

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Yep, I’ll go in for this if it’s a FB messenger group. I don’t use the other things.

For those who want to friend me - 2596 0755 5011


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Much as I discovered Game of Thrones as the rest of the world were starting season 5, I started playing Pokemon Go about 7 weeks ago in an attempt at protecting what little is left of my sanity this year! I was NOT prepared for how addictive it would be, but as I wanted it for killing time, it's been ideal. I've become quite attached to Cubone.

5390 9902 6135 for anyone else who still plays.
So I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since 25th June 2019, my most special Pokémon is a Lucky Shiny 100% Giratina Origin forme.
If anyone would like to add me, my ign is Thomasaur96 and my friend code is: 752105301371


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@Will @Coasterfreck , added both of you. I'm pretty good at daily gifts, mostly from Disney, don't care if you send back just open them so I can get them XP and Best Friends haha. (user name is shockingly, CanobieFan)

If anyone else wants to add me - 6097 1145 5619