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Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi


Just made a quick drawing on my prediction for the layout. Sorry about the rubbish paint skills though lol!
Nice effort! Placement of the lift hill looks very accurate (base of it should be slightly to the left, only a minor detail), can't say I agree with the rest of it though as it doesn't match the animation released in March.
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Interesting how the wood tone differs so much. I think this is the most noticeable out of all the RMCs.

That turn into the downwards roll is ridiculous.


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Really hope that they paint or treat the wood - there's nothing worse than the different shades of bright and dark wood.


I actually quite enjoy the color difference, even though the new wood will turn dark with humidity in a very short time.

Matt N

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This might possibly be one of the most interesting RMC conversions I've ever seen take shape; this coaster has the potential to be world class, and right up there on the level of Steel Vengeance and Lightning Rod!

Aaron Smith

Do different colour woods feel different when you're riding them?
It depends on a few factors. Thickness, length, how the wood handles the ride, etc...

Back on topic, I can't wait for the layout to be announced. Currently planning a November 2020 trip. It's been at 10+ years since I've been to BGT.


What interests me is really how much of this coaster will be new (talking about the wooden structure). It really feels like a new coaster than a conversion.
The different wood tones really help it stand out whats new and old to even the casual observer - i'm all for them keeping it and is fascinating to watch.


Another update below. Whilst it may seem like slow progress, it is worth remembering that Florida is the inverse of most places in terms of construction. In most places harsh winter weather slows progress whilst good summer weather allows for lots of progress. In places like Florida daily summer storms slow things down whilst weather is pretty perfect for construction in the winter.