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Best hyper coaster?


I'm going to limit this to coasters that just kind of go up and down and up and down again, so not Flying Aces, X2, Stealth, Red Force etc

1. Hyperion
2. Shambhala
3. Silver Star
4. Big One
5. Goliath at SFMM

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Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. However I do count Lightning Rod as a hyper because of it's initial climb of 206 feet, so that would be the best then.


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I'm only going to count hyper coasters in the traditional sense (no Dive Coasters, shuttle coasters, etc.), so here goes.
  1. Steel Vengeance - The best RMC ever made, period.
  2. Skyrush - When I went it felt like it was trimmed really bad, but still a fun ride
  3. Goliath SFoG - My favorite B&M Hyper. A front row night ride (without getting stapled) is a great experience!
  4. Diamondback - It basically does everything a B&M Hyper does except it does it better. Floater airtime? Covered. Banked turns? Covered. Splashdown because why not? Splashdown because why not.
  5. Mako - This is also a B&M Hyper that is well-executed. One of the smoothest coasters I've ridden and it also features a turn over the water, which is extra exciting if you're sitting on the far left seat.
  6. Nitro - Not much to say about this one except the helix made me gray out. I like how it goes out the park, which seems to be a trope among B&M Hyper coasters as evidenced by Mako, Goliath SFoG and Diamondback.
  7. Superman: The Ride - I also don't have much to say about this one, except that without the classic T-bars like on Expedition G-Force, the ride probably has seen better days.
  8. Intimdator 232 - A solid compliment to Fury 325's focus on speed with this one being focused on airtime. It's a good ride, but not my cup of tea.
  9. Magnum XL-200 - The first drop in Row 14 pulls you over so quickly it's awesome. Also those ejector hills at the end are kinda painful, but it's an Arrow, so I can understand that.
  10. Raging Bull - The closest hyper coaster in my proximity. I've been on it way more than any other hyper, since I visit SFGAm more than once a year and usually get at least one ride in on it, but the ride is sorta meh when it compares to Diamondback or even Mako.
Coasters that didn't quite make the Top 10 are:
  • Mamba, Worlds of Fun
  • Wild Thing, Valleyfair
  • Titan, Six Flags over Texas