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Bad Theme Park Translations


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This is an entirely stupid thread I'm afraid.

But as someone on VH just mentioned how bad the google translate for the Regina closure announcement was I thought I would share some of my favourite mistranslations (mostly thanks to google with some park based ones) over the years.

Pretty much just to raise a smile :)
And yes i know how hard it is to translate between languages that have different sentence structures, tonal differences and alphabets but I like to think these are still amusing at least :)
All apart from a couple (which are labelled) are from my own collection.

First up - Someone must have broken a Mirror somewhere in Kunming


Be Aware that the latest Fatawild is not as safe as it sounds.


I mean just wrong on so many many levels.


Perhaps the best mis translation of all time on this Nagashima Spaland T-Shirt (this one is from TPR but too good to miss https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=34361 )

The I assume "Performing Arts Center" at Happy Valley Tianjin is this way.


I did not eat here at Victory Kingdom also near Tianjin.


This lovely sign at Benxiong Park in Harbin reminds you not to walk on the grass.


Another classic (which i didnt take but was taken by my friend CP6) is for a kids pirate ship ride at Quanlin Resort in Zhuhai. Look Closely. :) This isnt so much a bad translation as bad research but still I love it.

To be honest I am sure @gavin has a billion of these but just thought it would make a few people laugh :)
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This is one I liked from Joyland at the entrance to their SkyLoop:

Some good ones in there, but my favourite is "The Customary Nosebleed". :p


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The "Pirates" signage is on LOADS of Chinese swinging ships. Yes, it is an actual porno.

I'll have to wait until I get back to Hong Kong to trawl through a load of pictures, but I'm sure I can find one or two of these.

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