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20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #4 - Looking to the future


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So far in our birthday forum, we've mainly discussed stuff that has happened since CF was born. So for this giveaway, I want us to keep our heads back and face forwards.

Nice and easy - tell me what one coaster you're looking most forward to riding this year and why. It doesn't have to be a brand new coaster, but it must be new to you. All entries will be put into a hat and one lucky winner pulled at random to win this lovely Karnan mug (which will hopefully be the right way up when I send it to winner, lol)

Small Print
1. Competition open to CoasterForce members who joined before 28th February 2021.
2. Competition ends at 18:00, 8th March 2021 (UK time).
3. You will be required to give CF an address to mail the item to, so please get a responsible adults permission before entering if you are a minor.
4. Please see CF's Terms & Conditions for everything else.


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I am looking forward to taking my daughter on joris en de draak for the first time this year if we can get over to Efteling this year

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I am looking forward to (hopefully) getting on Monster at Grona Lund. Why? It looks fantastic and following the construction has been intriguing. Particuarly, seeing the park squeeze in a coaster of that size. I've never been disappointed by a B&M Invert so I have high expectations.


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Ooooo, this is a hard one. Got to give two answers here...

New for 2021 cred is Kondaa, easily.
New to me though, I'm really looking forward to doing Karnan. I know what makes Karnan Karnan, but I'm still excited (and a bit terrified) to ride it.

Impossible for me to say which one of those I'm most looking forward to though, as they're very different things.


IF it is open in time: IRON GWAZI!
After having to cancel a CP trip last year. This will hopefully be my 15yo son's 100th credit.
A close second will be the new and improved Lightning Rod on opening weekend.


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Considering how awful 2021 has been for me so far, it's a bit hard to really be optimistic about any future trips at the moment, but I really hope that if I do get to travel anywhere that I'll finally manage to ride my first RMC (either Zadra or Untamed).