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    Nitefly eats too much at Alton Towers (and more!)

    Just back from a two day trip at ‘The Towers’. The thread title reflects the aftermath, as I’m currently lying on my bed in a sad, fat man carb-coma from abusing the freestyle machines, hogs roasts and churros. But, aside from my gastronomic regret, I had a rather swell time. As has been a long...
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    Nitefly does Europe

    Hello. I flew into Germany today via a Greek Island to commence a coaster quest. It was very exciting because this was the plane, which was very unexpected: Upon seeing the plane I did a backflip to celebrate and promptly boarded. When I arrived in Germany everything was minimalistic and...
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    The Most Awesome Book

    Hello So... I’m a fairly new member of this community having been spurred on by an exciting holiday I have planned visiting theme parks. Coasters have now become my ‘go to’ source of excitement... but this was also the case many moons ago back in the 90s. I recall owning an AWESOME book full of...
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    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    Hello! It seems to be a pretty robust consensus that roller coasters “warm up” throughout the day and that they somehow become faster still right through until night, when they run “the fastest”. I really can’t get my head around how this works and I suspect it is mostly, or at least...
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    Flash Pass - Six Flags Great Adventure

    Hello - being domiciled in the UK, is it actually possible to get a flash pass at six flags? The SFGA website says you need a valid driving licence or state ID etc... no mention of passport, so not sure how accommodating that is for the international tourist (with a 'crummy UK driving licence')...