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    United Arab Emirates - September 2014

    As this is something a little different, I thought I'd share with you all our recent holiday to Dubai and the surrounding area. Dubai is always somewhere I've had a interest in for more reasons than one. It was somewhere that I've wanted to visit for a few years to see just what it is like for...
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    My Search for Creds - Rach's 2013 Season

    Now that the year is slowing down a little and I’ve had a crazy year with trips here there and everywhere, I think it’s finally time to try and document just what I’ve got up to this year and share it with you! You’ll have to bear with me as there’s a lot of trips and very little time! The...
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    Six Flags Great America | Goliath | RMC Woodie

    The biggest announcement from SF then! Teaser Video : POV Video:
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    Huss worker crushed to death at PdA Madrid

    This has just popped up on my Twitter feed and having just come back it has really creeped me out! It's in Spanish, so I'll just post a rough translation from Google! The ride was down all day for maintenance and 2/3 guys were working on it throughout the day. Clearly they were from Huss...
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    Liseberg in a day

    Last weekend me and Jared done a rather mad and spontaneous trip to Liseberg and back in a day. We booked the flights just 2 weeks before we went so it never really sank in that we were actually going! We were both strapped for cash, so it was agreed to do it in a day knowing from last year just...
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    I need a hand please

    I'm doing this project for college and could do with a hand in collecting some data. Basically, I'm doing a big Marketing project that's linked to Cruising. It's based on Disney Cruise Line and more specifically the Disney Dream ship - some avid Disney fans may be aware of said ship...
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    Disneyland Paris

    About 7 weeks ago, the opportunity to go to DLP came about with college. However, this was a little different as the trip was intended for 2nd years rather than 1st years. But seeing as the places couldn't be filled, the trip was opened to some of us 1st years. In total, 21 students and 2...
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    Legoland - 25th October

    I've been wondering if I should bother actually writing a report for Legoland seeing as the park was pretty abysmal to say the least. But I've decided I will purely because of the laugh we had and the epic fireworks. Annoyingly, when we left Ian's on the Sunday morning with a very full car...
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    Possible charge for car parking at Thorpe

    This sign has appeared on the car parks of Thorpe Park. ... c9a076.jpg Source
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    The Cool Wall - On Track - September posted!

    This is purely for On Track only. As I mentioned briefly in the Newsletter, I would be starting up this new idea. I've been thinking how best to do this and have came up with this way of doing it. I shall list 25 different parks, attractions, coasters and rides and it'll be your job...
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    Alton - 25th July

    Better late than never. It's only taken me just over 2 weeks to get this up. :roll: So anyway, me and Nicky went along on the 25th via the lovely bus known as the 15 from Stoke station. Said bus is supposed to depart at 8:20, my train got in at 8:19. Knowing where to go, I ran as quickly...
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    Alton Towers - 12th July

    As you may or may not be aware, Gazza flew across from Australia last week to experience some of the UK parks. Family_furie decided to meet up with him on his first park of the UK and asked me if I would like to come along, I accepted the offer and off I went. It was a bit of an early...
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    Dueling Woodie for Efteling in 2010

    Found this while browsing TPR and Towers Times. Recently, Efteling have closed Pegasus. A replacement coaster called Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon) is set to go on the site. Height: 25M Length: 1400M(together or a track is yet unknown) Number of trains: 4 Capacity: 1700...
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    London Trip

    I wanted to do something after I left school and looking at my funds the only way that I could do something would be to go somewhere on the annual pass. I didn't fancy Alton, as I've already done that so much this year, nor did I fancy Thorpe. Chessington was a possibility, but decided against...
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    Fussy Eaters

    Recently, i have been called the most fussist eater that a lot of people have met, due to me hating a lot of ****ty foods such as pasta and take aways, But more of a healthy person. So what about you then, do you think your a fussy eater or will you just eat anything.