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    Gyeongnam Robot Land | South Korea | Theme Park

    Do you know what Jinma is? Jinma=Golden Horse Looks like they have contracted with Zamperla and Golden Horse. There's Golden Horse pirate ship, drop tower, water coaster or more. Let's see if those JM rides are as good as Zamperla.
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    These rides which need a soulmate

    I think 2 different B&Ms are good enough to be loved. One is based on strong G's and the other is on floater filled dive
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    What percentage of your coaster rankings constitutes a 10/10 rating for you?

    For me, I think no coaster is perfect. 9.5/10 ~#4 9/10 ~#9
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    Fear of rides

    For my way, I have one friend who is afrad of coasters. I tried twice to make him ride big coasters(50+m) On March, I went to school trip to Everland in a low-crowded day. I first pushed him to Thunder Falls, a 63ft Whitewater Super Flume, and he chickened out because of the last drop. So I...
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    Slithering in the States #2 - Part 11: Six Flags America

    One in Korea has steeper 2nd drop due to lack of space. Still, both drops are good.
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    Do you get fast passes?

    If it is free, get it. Just once for upcharging fastpass: When I was 6th grade, went to Everland for school trip, and T Express was pointing 150 min wait, so I bought Special Fastpass that includes fastpass for 2 people+ a rider cam video. Had a great experience for skipping the line.
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    New rides @ small parks

    Everland:New For 2019 Everland has just renovated one of their 2 safaries. Lost Valley was renovated with -More Animals -New Theme:Forest? -Closer look on animals -New explore guides -Probably walking trail This is advertisement video.
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    Best moments on awful coasters

    As a local in South Korea, Worst in here:Rolling X Train's drop. a floater in a bad coaster
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    Is this a B&M ball?

    My home park has one, too(Phaethon) but one train ops. Haven't seen ride ops using that.
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    Nostalgic Love for not very good rides?

    Yes. This thing is used for water park from June to August, and used in March~June 10th, September~November for amusement park ride.
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    What is your favorite Arrow Custom looper, operating or defunct?

    Favorite:Fantasia Special. It coarses through the lake. Worst:Rolling X "Headbanger" Train An old Vekoma-Arrow headbanger.
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    What impressed you the most in the past year?

    I'm quite new for coaster enthusiast, and impressed with Everland's food offer&fastpass system. Everland is family-based theme park, so it should have different kinds of food. So it has Chinese restaurant, burger cafe, KFC, themed coffee shop, some Japanese food, and premium food course ($200...
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    Rides that would be better without an element?

    EVERY SINGLE ARROW LOOPERS: remove helics. Weirdly tracked, and makes me bang my head. (Especially Rolling X Train with Vekoma headbanger train)
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    Nostalgic Love for not very good rides?

    My personal favorite water ride(not a coaster): Chinese-made themed Golden Horse Knockoff Shoot the Chute. Smooth as a water ride.
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    Gyeongnam Robot Land | South Korea | Theme Park

    창원시 마산 로봇랜드 2019년 7월 개장예정 Construction postponed. Because of the postponed construction of the road to enter the park, Park opening is delayed. Opening March》》Opening July.