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    Major accident on Quimera at La Feria Chapultepec

    When I read this story I was thinking, "That looks a lot like a Schwartzkopf coaster," and after a quick search this was confirmed. My local Schwartzkopf is the Shockwave running at SFoT, which I ride about every week; I hope they are maintaining their cars better here in the states!
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    How much track flex is normal?

    Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences in this thread, I really appreciated them! I rode this coaster (Shock Wave at SFOT) today for the first time and had an absolute blast on it. Rode it twice today! Of interest is that the tops and bottoms of the support beams narrow to what is...
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    How much track flex is normal?

    I was at my local park today, and walked by one of the rides to check it out. During operation I noticed a bit of flex in the track and supporting structures, which got me to wondering how much flex is normal during operation of a ride. I know there is always going to be *some*, but it looked...